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What kind of battery does it need?? My idea would be to have a transformer (made if needs be) installed in the guitar so the piezo gets its power from the patch cord and no need for a battery as a source for the power. Barring that, bypass the dam thing seeing as it doesn't add a huge difference to the sound.

What putz thought having the entire guitar die when the battery does was a sound principle??


Excuse me Windsor Dave, but didn't you say..."Okay, I understand your point. I have Chet's prototype Super Axe and it has the onboard effects and it needs a 9V battery for these, but it's also wired in series with the pups so when the battery goes dead, everything dies, not just the effects feature."

You know how those creative guitar guys can be...don't you?


Hey Deed, yes I did say that a year ago or so and it's a stupid idea IMO, on any guitar. Loose the effects if the battery dies yes, kill the entire guitar, NO! If mine wasn't Chet's prototype I'd investigate changing this quirk but I don't think it would be feasible this one being a solid body and no room for a transformer, even a small one. Duane's Gibson however is a semi-hollowbody so there'd be room to install a transformer if the effect is that important to an owner.

I can't disconnect the effects on my Super Axe as this guitar, unlike Duane's model, doesn't have the normal separate controls in the same style......all controls are tied into the same system.


Agreed, but that's the way it is so carry an extra battery around in your pocket for a "rainy day".


Im just so used to having piezos in my acoustics that a couple of 9Vs in the case is second nature. When I got my newest axe (the T5z), I simply noted the battery access on the back and put a spare in the gig bag. Well see how long it lasts.

Supposed to be good for a year... so it sez.


My acoustics travel with spare 9V's but my complaint is with an electric guitar. It seems obvious to me with a power source coming to the guitar, it should be the power source for the piezo not an onboard battery. The worst offense though is that the guitar dies when the battery does. That design is just moronic.


Hmm in case my first post seemed a bit of a downer I would like to emphasise how much I like this guitar. How I came to buy it is a story in itself - as is the gracious reply I got from Duane Eddy himself when I sent him an email asking him some questions about it. Really generous, helpful and informative . He wouldnt know me from a bar of soap but he took the time to more than reply.,brilliant. As the video of Billy D Light's great playing shows you can get a killer Rock'n'Roll/Rockabilly sound. You can also get an equally great Brit Pop Rock Grunge .,anything from early Kinks to Led Zep to Oasis (yep Oasis.. handle it) with a richness of sound which is astounding..then switch to some Billie Holiday back through some Cannonball Rag and down home John Lee Hooker boogie funk. Mine is serial number 45, and photos of these guitars can only give a hint of the quality and sexiness they ooze. Maybe because of the battery, maybe because Gibson didnt really push them..but their resale price seems to be relatively low for the quality instrument they are. To think of them as a Gibson version of Gretsch is to miss the point. they are not. They are Gibsons statement of what a Duane Eddy guitar is and can be. So it is a Gibson ..yes..but also a seriously good one. for the price I have seen these going second hand.. If you have a chance ..get one. Forget colectability.. The issue is do you want a unique and brilliant guitar. Cheers.


I have a '98 Gibson Country Gent and really like it! I agree that while Chet designed it when he came over from Gretsch, it doesn't try to be a Gretsch. I don't of course know what the neck shape is on your DE Gibson, Sted, but mine has Chet's extra width - 1.75" at the nut - actually 1.77" and the profile is a shallow C. It's the best neck shape I've played on an electric, so much so that when I had my Super Chet overhauled, I had Nicole sand down the chunky deep D neck to match exactly the Gibson.

I'd love to play one of these Duane models and see how it compares to mine. It's the only guitar I'd possibly trade mine for. Sure looks gorgeous!


Hello Windsordave. I haven't measured it myself but the specs on the DE neck give it as being 1-11/16 at the nut. Which is basically the same as my Les Paul.. But it doesnt feel like it. It feels wider for some reason.. The scale length is stated as being "short scale" at 24.5 , whereas a Les Paul is 24.75. Whatever is going on with the DE neck it is really comfortable, does not feel cramped at all., Maybe it is because of the quality of work and the quality of the timbers used. The ebony fretboard is sumptuous. There is a short video on utube with Duane Eddy talking about how the guitar came about through his friendship with Gibson luthier Mike McQuire. If you ever get to play one you 'll see that Gibson really upped their game with the guitar - possibly one of many reasons why it didnt have a long production run. It would have been super costly to do a larger run of a thousand or so. The battery though is a pain. A really silly design decision.. Maybe later in its life I will look at doing something about it.. But as long as the batteries are being made ( i mean who else but guitarists use these things now? ) it is no big grief to carry a spare one. I got interested in the Gibson Chet Atkins Model a couple of years ago.. And played a very nice second hand one here ( I am in Australia) .. Hmmm. If you do get to play a Gibson DE i think you will be pleasantly ( very) surprised at both the quality and sound of them. The Seymour Duncan pups were made specifically for the guitar, at least that is my understanding.. They are really REALLY nice. Through a valve amp? Wow. I am originally from the north of the UK - hence the Led Zep and Oasis reference.. But anything stemming from the fountain head of traditional American Appalachian music sends shivers down my spine. Must be the Irish and Scottish bits of my DNA. This guitar as I said does it all with class and an utterly convincing authenticity I have owned a few cool guitars in my time - old and new - still do. ..honestly? I think the Gibson DE is possibly one of the most overlooked, unerappreciated second hand bargains on Planet Guitar. They are better than a ES 175 for instance. They are meaner. Try and play one if you can.

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