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Why isn't there a George guitar? There are models for many stars, but not George. He's associated with a couple of different Gretsches. I'm kind of surprised that Olivia Anne hasn't spearheaded this idea yet.


She didn’t have to. She bought one when it came out. There were actually two. Link The Signature and the Tribute.


Huh...? Here and actually, Olivia Anne has one.


She didn’t have to. She bought one when it came out. There were actually two. Link The Signature and the Tribute.

– Bob Howard

She actually won it, In Nashville.


She actually won it, In Nashville.

– Suprdave

No, Dave, I did not win her. It was part of the whole experience of having been given the World Exclusive on the release of the George Harrison Duo Jet G6128T-GH from Fred and Dinah Gretsch and Gretsch Guitars to issue among my network of Beatle People. She is adored by many. Just this week she was a star at Abbey Road on the River when many of the international artists who own another like her, themselves at home, asked to borrow my Grace. She came to me by Grace and so she is, Grace. Laurence Juber plays her when he comes to my area, too. She still looks pristine as everyone is so appreciative of the beauty of this lovely guitar.



I had never seen that quote.....Olivia--That is an amazing instrument, looks like its got the right caretaker too May I ask what is "Abbey Road on the River" ?


Well, I stand erect. (wink)

I could have swore that you had won her. She is a beauty.


Well, Dave. We were both wrong.

Olivia, I thought you bought it as you are such a George fan. Your story is a much better story. I think I remember you taking it to Bear’s place for lessons.


I have never seen that quote, Tony. Very nice, thank you.


This weekend, I have such stories to tell about Grace, Abbey Road on the River (AROTR), and my help, with Proteus, to Gavin Leslie Pring & all of the AROTR Gretsch Endorsed Artists to pull off Gavin's plan. There were tears, MANY wonderful tears. I have photos, and videos. Hang on, just a bit. It's well worth the wait. Sorry, but a Girl's gotta work to support these addictions, dontcha know.


Here's Gavin in Bangladesh costume in his second set to hold you over. You have my word he loves Joe and Joe loves Gavin. He got creative. It was special.


I know we hate FaceBook here on the GDP. But, right now, this is the best of a bad lot of videos I have of part of the event. I know better will occur (Proteus was manning the booth so we could get Joe to the Stage). When I find better, I will download and upload here so you need not go to Facebook. But, for now, I present Gavin Leslie Pring "All Things Must Pass" set at Abbey Road on the River:

GDP & AROTR Proclamation for Joe Carducci Link >>>


Olivia, that is a lovely guitar and a great story about how you acquired her. I am very new to this forum, I've only owned my first Gretsch guitar for about a month. I am beginning to see the allure of these guitars, I'm already desiring another one, perhaps a Duo Jet Pro. As with anything, it's nice to be in the company of like minded people, and even in my short period of time on this forum I've already met some very good people. There is a wealth of knowledge here in all things Gretsch, and I'm happy to be on board.

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