Duane Eddy's House of Twang

G6120TB-DE Limited Edition Duane Eddy Signature 6-String Bass


I would love to have one of those, but my piggy bank is just not in agreement.


Ditto oink oink.

I'm making do with the Squier Bass VI. It ain't the same, but it was a nickel by comparison.


Ditto oink oink.

I'm making do with the Squier Bass VI. It ain't the same, but it was a nickel by comparison.

– Proteus

Yep, same here.


Aaand on a positive note, Duane will be at the Gretsch Guitars booth (L8) at NAMM on Saturday, 2pm. Come say hi.


Wish I could be there, but I have to be here!


Well, if you have to there, it’s a good place to be! xx


Well, as good as any other. One has to be somewhere. There are trees, and it's green. We have that going for us.


I need another guitar like I need a hole in the back but this one will be hard to resist.


I had a chance to play one, and witness Duane playing one, at winter NAMM last January. It's more than just a 6 string bass - it's a 6120. I've owned and played several 6 string basses over the years and the magic here is that woody airiness of the Dynasonic / hollow body combination. It might be subtle, but I've never heard anything like it. If it makes sense to say, Duane sounded even "Duane-ier" playing it than the Danelectro 6 string. You could see the joy and inspiration the guitar was bringing him, and hearing him play it, you could easily understand why.

Is it expensive? Absolutely. Can you make do with a less expensive alternative? Certainly. Is it the Duane-iest low end twang machine in existence? Without a doubt.


Thanks for posting this, Tony. I won't do facebook and the Gretsch website takes forever to download, so the clip is new and I could have listened to hours of Duane playing. The guitar sounds amazing.

Since Gretsch is already using a deep double-cutaway body for the bass guitar, why not make a companion double-cut 6120 with all the Duane cosmetic features as part of his line of Gretsch guitars? A double-cut with no pad, no mutes, no mudswitch, real f-holes and all Dynasonics would be good thing. In fact, it would be really boss.

I learned recently that the Fender Bass was the inspiration for the Stratocaster's design, so there you go.


Specifically the Precision Bass. At the time of the Strat's introduction in 1954 there had been two iterations; the first a basic plank design also sometimes called the "Telecaster Bass," and the second the rounded and beveled contours now familiar as the P Bass.


I wonder if they will make a 5422 version.


I can see the joy on Duanes face, he is obviously pleased with his new 6 string bass (who wouldn't be?). Great video, thanks for sharing.


Any word as to when these are coming out? I've a half-century landmark coming all too fast, and this thing really piques my fancy in all the right ways.



– Tony

beware of the man with one gun! This one takes em down with one twangy note!


Just a thought the late great Jet Harris would have made such beautiful music and had such fun with one of those 6 string bass guitars . Such a fitting tribute to Jet if Duane played " Diamonds " on his !


There’s a few of these for sale on reverb now.


Here is some additional coverage of Duane's introduction of his bass guitar at the 2018 Winter NAMM Show.


You were the first to hear about this guitar early on, and were all so encouraging. Thanks for the Reverb heads up.


This was a fun filled afternoon! And many thanks to Ric12 xx

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