Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Fretboard Journal loves Duane’s new guitar.


Just Great!

Having spent more time than I care to comment looking for "vintage" that would suffice, this is a wonderful, brand new, well made, superior option.


Love it !


Great to see praise being given to an icon of our time.

The geetah ain’t bad, either.

Congratulations, Duane and Gretsch.


I’m guessing that Gretsch will quickly sell out of this guitar!


All I can say is , " Duane for President ! " ---- and why does Duane's beautiful 6 six string bass Gretsch guitar , make me think of the movie , " The Girl Can't Help It ! "


"If there’s one product at NAMM that threatens to drain my petty cash reserves, it’s this one."

What a great way to open the review!


I'm personally mad. Now I got another guitar to buy. Thanks.


Very cool and well-deserved. That is one drool-worthy instrument.

I like the black jazzmaster with the Novak pickups too, in that link, cool guitar.


Walter, I have been looking for this photo for ages. Here’s Harold Bradley with Duane’s prototype. He absolutely loved it, and commented that he wished he’d been able to have that one “back in the days of fighting that Dano!”


I’m guessing that Gretsch will quickly sell out of this guitar!

– Baba Joe

Seems like there’s only one way to fix that situation. : )


What a great read. Happy for the fans of Duane and Duane himself. Yeah thumbs way up.

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