Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Farther Along”


Just heard "Farther Along", Johnny Cash with the Royal Philharmonic and featuring a laid-back solo by Duane, for the first time.

Very much an emotional piece.

Definitely worth a listen.


That was sublime. Thanks very much for posting.


A great track with Duane on , he dampens his ' twang ' a little , so appropriately ! Johnny Cash , Duane and that world renown orchestra . A trio on " Farther Along " to make the earth move . We know the album is going to be a big seller ! ---- Now come on ' string pullers ' lets have Duane up front with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra ! - Never say , " Never " ! - What an album that would be , after " Ramrod " see those eminent musicians put their instruments down with a spontaneous applause !


Thanks for sharing. Very cool!

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