Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Dubious single?


There's a promo 45 on offer on Ebay Uk, titled "Good Intentions" by someone called Shirl Milete, claiming that there is some Duane Eddy guitar involvement. The single number is REP1111. Anyone know if this is genuine or know of the Artist?


Just googled Shirl Milete and the single was produced by Jimmy Bowen - so maybe Duane may have played on it or on some of the guy's other releases. Can anyone out there confirm?


I have the MP3, and it sure sounds like Duane.


Sounds like Duane could also be on the flip side, which is called "Life."


Duane is on both sides of this 1972 Reprise single


Dubious single apparently no longer dubious.


Thanks to all, especially Tony, for clearing that up.


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