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Duane’s Christmas Songs & A Few Additional Holiday Goodies


Several years ago, Duane was nice enough to let us provide free downloads of his Christmas songs through the WGN Radio website each year when we do our Thanksgiving show. It's become a very popular tradition so, if you'd like FREE downloads of the best twangy Christmas music you'll ever hear, we're doing it again, this year.

You'll also find a free download of an original Christmas song I recorded called "Christmas From The Roots Of Rock & Roll." I know this is a Gretsch site, but I hope you'll understand that, because it's been with me since it was born, I had to use my 1959 Gibson ES-355 on this particular song. Hey, I love my Gretsch guitars and just added another one bringing my Gretsch family total to 5.

Also, if there are any gluten-free people in the house, my MUCH better half did a video on how to make some gluten-free holiday goodies.

Finally, don't forget to check out the photo gallery at the end. You just might find us hanging out with a couple you're kind of familiar with.

All these free holiday goodies are yours when you click on the link.

Enjoy! Link


I had to use my 1959 Gibson ES-355 on this particular song.

Well, this is forgivable. :)

That's way cool. Thanks for posting.


Indeed! Thanks for dropping by with presents.



Thanks for the Christmas goodies. I enjoyed your original song!

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