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For those of you who get the Encore Westerns channel, on August 4 at 6:30 p.m. eastern time they will be airing the Have Gun-Will Travel episode "The Education of Sarah Jane." It is the first of two episodes in the series which Duane made with his good friend Dick Boone.

Trivia note: this episode originally aired on CBS on September 23, 1961. Three days later "A Thunder of Drums," the first film which Duane made with Dick Boone, opened in New York City. I believe that Duane first met Boone on the set of the film, but maybe Deed could let us know if that is correct.


Found this!



It can be also be streamed on Netflix. Have Gun Will Travel: Season 5, Episode #1.

Here's some stills I made years ago from a grainy VHS tape. HGWT


Goodness - that takes me back to my young days!!


Already programmed on my TIVO.



Thanks for the Netflix tip!


Johnny Western wrote "The Ballad of Paladin" as a tribute to Richard Boone. He never expected it to be used as the show's theme song. But Boone and producer Sam Rolfe really liked it, and they made some changes to the lyrics and to the song's tempo, and then they had Western record it with the changes. That's why both Boone and Rolfe share the songwriting credit with Western.

Johnny Western was thrilled with the deal. He never expected to make a dime off the song, but it has provided him with steady income for fifty years. It has been recorded many times, and Western has been quoted as saying that Duane's version remains the best-selling version.


I forgot to mention that Paramount recently released Season Four of HGWT on DVD, so Duane's episodes may show up on DVD before too much longer. His other appearance is in the final season's Christmas show, called "Be Not Forgetful to Strangers."


Here is Johnny Western's recording of the entire song, including the rarely-heard second verse.



My barber use to call me Paladin because I wore a Paladin gun belt everywhere I went when I was five. Mess with me and I'd gun your sorry self down.


The name of the character that Duane plays is actually "Whitney Tyler", Whit for short. The feud is between the Darrows and the Tylers. However, the credits list the character's name as Carter Whitney. Wonder how that happened?



IMDB and the "Have Gun-Will Travel Companion" list the character's name as "Carter Whitney Tyler." I'll have to watch the show again to see if the "Carter" part of the name is used.


Season Six is the final season. Netflix must be offering it for streaming, because thus far only seasons 1-4 have been released on DVD.


Duane's second appearance on HGWT, Be Not Forgetful to Strangers can also be streamed on NetFlix: Season 6, Episode #15.

This is only the second time I have seen this episode. The first being the original broadcast in 1962.


Just a reminder that The Education of Sarah Jane is on this evening, and again tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. EDT.


talking with my pops about Duane's guitar gear over dinner yesterday and he mentioned that Duane was featured in some tv shows.. I was like "wahhhht?" and thus the search was on. found this thread so pardon my excitement


I have all of the HGWT with Duane saved to a DVD and I also have these two movies that Duane was in. He was a "BAD GUY" in the biker movie.


A Thunder of Drums, Kona Coast and Because They're Young are available on DVD and can be ordered online at the Warner Brothers shop.

The Savage Seven was released on VHS once, but some of the music was changed because of rights issues. They replaced a Cream tune with one by Johnny & The Hurricanes.



Wasn't the Cream tune "Anyone for Tennis""




Stills from: Be Not Forgetful to Strangers

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