Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Duane, Mickey Raphael, and Willie


Duane and harmonica legend Mickey Raphael wrote some music for the film Waiting for the Miracle to Come, starring Willie Nelson and Charlotte Rampling.



That's great Deed – congratulations Duane!


Looking forward to this one; lovely evocative sounds!


Yet another string to Duane's bow , I mean guitar ! ---- The ability to write music that can stir emotions is something else ! - What a great duo , well two great duos and only the best for Willie a one off legend ! - - - Good harmonica players are in a league of their own , off on a tangent I used to marvel at the Larry Adler sound on BBC radio in the 50s !


Looking forward to the movie and, importantly, the soundtrack !


Six string bass guitar, by the way.


Six string bass guitar, by the way.

– Deed Eddy

Duane's six string bass guitar sound , is mind boggling in the nicest possible way ! - It just sounds too good to be true ! - I recently commented on Richard Hawley's web site . Having heard them doing some of the 50s rock'n'roll songs at the London Palladium . How great it would be if the dynamic musical duo , resurrected and recorded a complete album of songs from that era ! - How the six string bass experience would super charge them !!

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