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Any Must-See Music Stores Around Austin?


Here's two videos: "Rebel Rouser" (Live), Which could be from "Shindig." Also, "Shazam" (Not from the "Because They're Young" movie). Need your help, Deed.




Thanks, Tony! So good to see Duane playing in a different environment than those already posted. Notice how he reaches for the neck on those bass notes? The Gretsch has a lot to do with the tone...but the rest is all in the fingers!


Definitely Shindig, circa 1965. Larry Knechtel on bass, Jim Horn on sax. Of course, Darlene Love and The Blossoms.

Shazam is taken from an English TV program taped during Duane's first visit to the U.K., in 1960.


Here's more Duane Eddy video clips from the same site. Video


Tony, I don't know how you keep coming up with these things!

That's the first time I've ever seen the entire performance of "40 Miles of Bad Road" with Duane and the guys on the elephant. Previously I'd only seen a brief clip of it.

Wasn't that a Dick Clark thing? Deed, you have to tell us how they convinced the guys to get up on the back of the elephant! And how they got up there! Did they climb a ladder or something?

The bass player on "Shazam!" looks kind of disinterested, doesn't he?

I wonder if anyone has put up Duane's performance at the Dorsey Burnette tribute, which I believe was done in L.A. in 1979. That video is long out of print.


Great videos. Thanks for posting.

Does anyone else think the (disinterested) bass player on "Shazam!" looks like Phil Hartman?


The bass player on the UK clip of "Shazam" is Dave Campbell from Phoenix. Dave was maybe more of a jazz player but when he got back to Phoenix after the UK tour he said to Jack Miller that he had been more than a little surprised, but delighted, by the audience reaction - screaming girls didn't start with the Beatles - "Duanemania" came first!!


Well, maybe that look on Dave's face is one of shock rather than disinterest!


I still can't play Shazam exactly like Duane. It is a deceptively difficult song..but it is a blast to play.

I play it almost every day.



Here's a great video of Deed I posted on Youtube.

Happy days.

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