Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Duane Eddy: Sultan of Twang


"Another 24 years passed until Road Trip, the best instrumental Americana record you have likely never heard. Produced by former Pulp member and Lee Hazlewood fan Richard Hawley, it manages to respect Eddy’s art without being self-consciously reverent." I like Duane's early work but Road Trip is definitely my favourite album.


“walking pneumonia” - an almost throwaway description of what was clearly a very debilitating condition as we witnessed in Bexhill. Never was the old adage of carrying on like a trouper more apt: top man!

The interview is interesting not just for some new snippets and stories but also for the hint of the bigger story to come.


The autobiography is a must read for me.


They buried the lede:

"Gretsch made me a 6-string bass that I’m going to put out next year."


The gravitas written on Duane's face , in that super photo , tells us so much . We have waited with eager anticipation , for so long for his autobiography . We know that over the years , there have been one or two false starts , with others writing the biography . So much better coming from the man his self with such great authority ! - I did not think I would ever quote Leon Trotsky on these pages , but indeed , " The pen is mightier than the sword ! " - Or perhaps it should be , " Duane's guitar is mightier than the sword ! " ---- and 60 years of " Rebel Rouser " - to be marked with a new recording . - Enough to engender street parties ! - and I shall make sure our local public library has a copy of Duane's book on the shelves !


I thought he used different string gauges than those mentioned in the article?


9.5, 11, wound 20, 34, 44, 54


Missed this original post but got my copy of Premier Guitar by mail yesterday - so I thought I would bump this post up. Really nice article/interview with Duane.


Great interview and am looking forward to the autobiography. The story of how 3:30 Blues came about is priceless. Didn't know Duane is using an Atomic Brain; thought we would've heard about that round here.


Can't wait,at last, something to look forward too in 2018!

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