Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Duane Eddy on Gretsch, Bigsby, his signature 6-string bass, Chet At…


Golden stuff, Tony. Thanks for posting.


VERY cool, Tony! Thanks for posting it.


Very nice interview. Always a pleasure to hear Mr. Eddy play, but he is one of the few that gives a genuine and entertaining interview too. Bravo Tony.


Don't we just love hearing Duane , both talk and extract that beautiful , earthy sound from his six string bass guitar ! - Trouble is it makes me long for a rerun of the Palladium show ! -- Thanks for the great post , Tony !


Tony, you beat me to it every time! Thanks so much for posting this. Filmed at Regent Sounds on Denmark Street, in London. A great guitar store, amazing selection of Gretsch’s finest, vintage and the very latest models.

This was only ten hours after the show at The Palladium. But there was a wonderful crowd, including our newest GDP member, Nyall from Norway, who shard the Travel Award with Tommy McGuire, who flew over for the show from Philadelphia.

I would appreciate it very much if you might post a comment below the video, if doable, I know Youtube changes the rules constantly.

And Manny, I am not forgetting you!


Thats a great and cool video, sounds quality and vision is spot on and what a mean axe"" Gretsch twang and looks superb, like the signature hat Duane you're looking and sounding good. Sadly I missed the London concert as Pre booked for Grand Parent duties, they get to listen to Duane often, I know the shop well I bought my 6120 DSV from them, nice bunch .


I would love to hear a whole album of Duane playing his bass guitar -- just by himself. Thanks for posting.

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