Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Duane Eddy & Mark Knopler


Some very exciting news to start Thursday with! Two guitar giants have joined the cast of #StandByMe2020. Mark Knopfler & DuaneEddy will both be adding their significant talent & signature sounds to the single! Donate now: http://gofundme.com/standby...


Available October 27th. Pre-Order Here.


Looking forward to hearing this. Preorder on Amazon folks !


Somehow one should not be surprised that ' Whispering Bob ' would be a strong force behind such a laudable project ! You could almost detect it in his voice ! - " Stand By Me " what a pity that the late great Ben E King was not available to join the stellar throng , of exciting artists . We are hoping for a goodly portion of Duane and his ' twangy guitar ' , but in this instance we know the stage is being shared , so to speak ! Will Duane and Mark Knopfler have a friendly guitar duel ? P P Arnold is remembered for her vocal backing of Duane on the UK TV ' Tribute to Elvis ' show . She is of course an exciting recording artist in her own right , picking her voice out on " Stand By Me " will be a pleasure to the ear !

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