Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Duane Eddy, Manchester, Tue 30 Oct 18


That big, huge, twangy sound still sounds just as fresh as it did back when I first heard it. I am so glad to see Duane still receiving such a nice reception.


That was cool! Thanks for sharing!


Yes thanks for sharing ! Duane is such a talented , humble sort of person , yet has given so much pleasure with his music to so many ! - He seems to get younger coming to and performing in the UK !!


This was a wonderful night. It's a big hall, but it all felt so intimate. Like a happy reunion for the performers and audience alike.

So glad I could get to this fabulous show, to hear Duane's mighty guitar fill the auditorium and enjoy the warmth, appreciation and musical synergy between everybody present. This is what a musical concert is supposed to be.


Duane Eddy gigs are a bit like drug or booze. Yes, I saw the Palladium gig, but that doesn't stop me wanting more Dang, I wish I'd been at this one!

Duane, Albert and Richard have all signed my guitar. Great to see them all on stage together having such a great time.

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