Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Duane Eddy Circle Convention


The Duane Eddy Circle celebrates 40 years of Conventions and 60 years of Rebel - 'Rouser on Sunday 27 May 2018. Features include over 90 minutes of rare audio/video material, two music sets from our band "The Twang Gang" and much more. Entrants will receive a commemorative badge, a free rare CD, a free rare DVD and some anniversary cake. Be there or miss the twang!


How was the convention? I was speaking to Steve and Jackie about it on Friday. We were working together and they mentioned that they would be with you on Sunday. Hope it was a great day.


The duaneeddycircle website will have a full report in the next few days meanwhile check out the duaneeddycircle facebook page for photos and musical snippets - oh and that fabulous cake


The duaneeddycircle.com website is now updated to include a full report of the day and features an audio medley of 4 Twang Gang songs

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