Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Duane @ Dylan Fest May 23 & 24


What a fabulous show , a fabulous gathering and its so fabulous that Duane will be performing ! - I remember back towards the middle sixties, so many of my friends thought that Bob Dylan was the ' bees knees ' - Whilst some of us were really more interested, in keeping the Duane Eddy banner flying high !! - Then the " Duane Does Dylan " came along . - But prior to me getting a copy , I got the earth moving , utterly dynamic Eddy single , " House of the Rising Sun " - That 45 really was a supercharged twang , par-excellence ! ------ For once lets hope a recording of the forthcoming show will be available !


What a great lineup! I'm obviously a huge Duane Eddy fan but also love a lot of the other performers (for instance, I love the new album from The Weeks). Talk about a show that I'm bummed I'll miss!


Cabin Down Below Band "backs" most of the Fests. They are terrific. Here's a bit more info: Dylan Fest Ryman 2017>>>>

– Olivia Anne

How great to see Richard Hawley ( perhaps him and Duane will get together again ? ) and Waylon's son Shooter Jennings !


I don't know most of these artists. Pass.

– Charlie Vegas

How do you ever discover new music? :(


How do you ever discover new music? :(

– Otter

I mostly discover old music. New music is pretty much a disappointment to me.


Hoping to see Duane at this year's CAAS. Imagine Duane, Doyle and Tommy on the same stage.

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