Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Duane at VLV 2018


Deed, is there any chance for a TGP meet & great with the big man himself?


We really haven’t gotten to the point of a “plan” for the event. As soon as I know more details I will surely let you know. It’s great to know some of you folks will be there.

Thumbs up Vega Fam!


Deed, now that we are closer, is there any plan or chance to just say hi briefly?

One of my dreams is to meet my very first and still favorite guitar hero, Duane Eddy.

I started playing guitar in 1986, when I was a senior in HS. I bought my first good Fender amp, a silverface non-reverb Princeton, because it had tremolo so I could be like Duane. A few years later, I found a '56 6120 with cloud inlays at Gruhn's that gets that 2,000 gallon twang sound.

I'm a Duane Eddy nut, and proud of it.


see you guys there.. in the crowd of thousands...but we will be there cheering

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