Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Duane at KY thumbpickers session 1989


Here's something different!

Sound quality is lousy but it's worth watching nevertheless.

Duane sits in with a bunch of Kentucky thumbpickers.

Look out for Phil Everly and stay with it for Albert Lee.

Also a guy who looks a lot like Sonnie Landreth.

H/t Eddie Pennington who most will recognise here.


An amazing collection of talent at that party and a wonderful array of fine guitars!


Thanks for sharing this. What a great bunch of musicians. I am sure Albert Lee has more fingers than most folk !


Now that’s pickin’ the way ought to be done! I enjoyed watching this very much despite the low sound quality. Many thanks for posting.


Even if perhaps its a bit of a cacophony . There is something special and earthy , like back to skilled basics in a nice way . With the thumb picking guitar style , back porch dwelling mountain high , shrouded in a lingering mist . Folksy musical roots shared !


I see lots of familiar faces, and the usual chatter that goes along with those kinds of meetings. Eddie Pennington is a fine Travis picker. I saw his son, a very young Alonzo, sit down beside Doc Kilgore just before the key change on Nine Pound Hammer. He was wanting to fret while Doc played, but the key change messed that up. Phil Everly came up and sat down beside Duane. Albert Lee was the only man there with a flat pick, but no one said a word.

Great video. Thanks for sharing that, Rich.


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That was really cool, thanks

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