Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Duane and Gang At The Bear Den


Great post !

Although we only ever spoke & shared music via emails I'll miss this guy & that smile

How happy could a man be to have Duane drop by for a session, thank you for posting these video's Richard.



Thanks for posting these clips Richard, I've played with Bear several times and he talked of that day often. I just wish I could have been there to listen and would loved to have met Deed and Duane as well as your lovely bride!


Even without having met Bear directly . After communicating once , it was obvious that he was a warm hearted , caring person ! --- How good it is to share the jamming session , that must have been so special to him !


Steve and I spoke several times about this and every time, his voice would rise excitedly in pitch and volume.

I miss him. I just found out today that a long-time friend that I had recently reconnected with via a phone call, passed away a couple of months ago from diabetic complications. I had been talking to the wife about getting together with him and meeting his second wife. Sadly, that won't happen. I'm getting to the age where friends start dying and I take a more personal interest in the obituaries. Part of life I guess. I accept it. I hate it but I accept it.


Good thread Richard. Thanks


Most of us mature individuals realize the importance of living every day like it will be your last. Personally, I'm ready to go, but I'd just as soon wait for another load somewhere on down the road. My old body has several miles, but there's still several more left in it. Bear battled his physical problems for a long time, and in our few visits, and many telephone conversations, he was always uplifting. He was a friend like those that are rare and priceless.

This was a happy day, and that's the way I'll always remember Bear. Happy.


You folks truly made Bear's day (year? life?). That grin on his face said it all.


Another bump because I still really enjoy these. Especially the smiles on my friends’ faces!


He lives in our hearts.

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