Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Duane and Gang At The Bear Den


I was most pleasantly surprised this morning when Baby Bear made videos, audio, pictures, etc., available of our memorable afternoon in Louisville at the Bear Den some years back. She later sent these to my dropbox, so the first thing I thought of was to share all of this with you guys. It took me back to when we were actually there, enjoying each others company and playing music. Just having a good time, in general, and to see the big smile on Bear's face is something I can't explain.

Dana told me to share this material with the world, and I spoke with Deed a few minutes ago to be sure that she and Duane were okay with going public and not to my surprise, she and Duane were all for it.

I miss Bear a lot, and seeing these videos and listening to the audio brings back some of my most pleasant memories. I will always be grateful to Proteus for including me in this most memorable occasion.

So without further ado, listen to Duane play Nine Pound Hammer, while the rest of us do our best to try to mess him up (to no avail). That Duane Eddy sound is there anytime Duane is in the house.


Here is another short clip of Duane noodling around with some finger picking. Actually, I think the tune had a title, but there is not enough of it here for me to recognize what it is.

This sure was fun.


Well, that first clip was flat-out just plain cool.


Thanks for posting these.


Nice. Thanks for posting, Richard.


I hesitate to post this one, simply because it is pretty much a solo by me, but I love the smile on Bear's face. That is what I will always remember about him.

And, of course, who could miss the two beautiful ladies that accompanied us that day. It even looked like they were enjoying themselves. Our own, Deed Eddy, and the reason for my sunrise every morning, my Conchieta.

If you like mistakes, you will love this one, because there are plenty of them.


Thank you so much for posting these Richard; very personal and so good of you, Dana, Duane & Deed to make it possible to share it with us. I know, as I'm sure you do too, that this visit had meant so much to him. Emotional to watch, but very appreciated. Many thanks.


What great memories to have! I'll miss Bear's contributions here. I wish I had known him personally.


Little did we know how much this day would mean to all of us. Bear was happy that day, and that made all of us happy. Proteus is the main one that made it happen, and of course, Duane's presence just put it over the top for us. It was a blast.

Thank you all for the nice comments.


Thanks!! When I was in the den and Bear told me about this he smiled like a ten year old with a bag full of candy. Imagine, Duane Eddy sitting in your house playing guitar. I can't even begin to imagine how happy Bear was that day. Top it off with Richard Hudson in the house, the cherry on top. You two meant so much to Bear. Thanks for posting the lost sessions of the Bears den.


Thanks for posting this. Much appreciated.


Great stuff Richard! Nice to see ol’ Bear a pickin’ an’ a grinnin’!


This whole thread REALLY underscores what makes this group so special. I have to stop typing now. I think I have something in my eye.


I remember when you went an a picture or 2 was posted. Bear wrote to me in an email how he cherished this day. This type of caring and kindness is even more special as on this day, it was shared with Bear and it was a great thing for all of us to have had happened.

These videos Richard posted is certainly reminder how valuable being kind is and Bear's spirit lives on through this.

Oh yes, one certainly cannot mistake when Duane Eddy is playing....tone, tone, tone!!!!


Thanks for posting the clips. Amazing. I never met Bear but corresponded over the years and recall his delight when the guys visited. So cool that Duane has let these videos be shown but, as previously stated on this thread, not surprising.


Thank you baby bear. And thank you richard.


Thanks for the clips, Richard!


Great to see Brother Bear's smile once again. That sure is an impressive room full of equipment, and talent.

Thanks Richard.


Thank you, Richard. Bear talked about this day nearly every day I saw him. It made him so happy.


It's great to see these videos Richard,thanks for sharing sir!


This IS the stuff the GDP is made of. Miss ya, Brother Bear!


thanks for posting these videos, Richard. you can tell that Steve is really enjoying the music being played.

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