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Dick Clark has passed away


82 years old. A lifetime in the Rock and Roll memories of most people in our country. Much love and sympathy to his wife Kari, his daughter Cindy, and his sons RAC and Duane.


May you rest in eternal peace, Mr. Clark. You brought joy and great music to a lot of people.


Farewell to the Oldest teenager. Sad day.


I'm shocked. Hadn't heard a thing about him being ill. Yes indeed, the oldest teenager in America.


Man what a run! Thanks for the good times. Rest in peace.


Oh no. I didn't know until just now from reading Deed's post. American Bandstand was part of my daily routine. I have to admit. I had a bad crush on Pat Mollitierra. I probably missed the spelling on her name by a mile, but my goodness she sure was pretty.

Dick Clark never did age, it seemed, but time does eventually take its toll. Many of the early rock and rollers owe a lot to Dick Clark. What he said back then was gospel, and his endorsement was incalculable. It's a sad day. My condolences to his family and legion of fans and friends.


R.I.P. He was one of the best! Here's a link to ABC Link...


The man of eternal youth. Who in America hasn't experienced Dick Clark. Huge impact on how music was and is presented to the masses. God bless you, Dick.


Sad day for Rock 'n' Roll and for all who ever rocked on Bandstand.


Every one who was ever a teenager knew of Dick Clark....RIP


There's a short list of non-musicians whose impact on the music world was incalculable, and Dick Clark has to be somewhere high up on that list. With Dick and Don Cornelius passing within such a short time of each other, I can only think that the Cosmic Program Director has a pilot in the works for a new show on the Celestial Music Channel.


My first taste of rock n roll was a Dick Clark presents-type double LP with Mr. Duane Eddy, Elvis Presley, etc. I played the @#$%@$ out of that record. Thanks for bringing so many great tunes to the world. RIP.


Just another reminder of our own progressing evolution from youth to middle age. I'm sorry to see Dick Clark pass, but, as a diabetic, it may not have been a pretty ending if he had stayed on for much longer.

He certainly brought much joy to many lives. Imagine if the world were filled with more Dick Clarks; that is, people who always choose to see the glass as half-filled, who are optimistic and seemingly eternally cheerful, and who find joy in bringing you enjoyment in your life.



Wow. He was like the Jack Lalane of popular music. RIP Mr everlasting teenager!


Best Bandstand memory-watching Duane play "40 Miles of Bad Road".Live,with Lee Hazlewood on bass.


Watched the show many times.

And Gretscheads owe a special debt to Dick Clark – had he not flipped a certain Jamie-label record over and played the flip side when he ran out of platters at a DJ gig, Duane's career might have been over before it began.

That would have changed the history of guitar-playing and pop music. (Or rather, wouldn't have changed it. Which is the same thing, I guess.)


So sorry to hear about this. I met Duane because he was guest hosting American Bandstand for Dick Clark in 1962. My favorite artist on my favorite show and definitely one of my most favorite memories.


"Jack LaLane", "Ambassador" are good words!

Shocking to say the least!,

Always one of my Heroes!


Too many going to quickly and suddenly!

Surreal! ,,

Several well know colleagues, iconic stature of my parents era, who'd been around in our community for years had passed away this year too.


I found out earlier at work today and it stopped me from what I was working on for a few minutes. I told my wife when I got home, she was surprised and then said “It’s the end of an era”. I’ll always remember fondly how my older sister and I would watch American Bandstand on Saturday mornings when we were young kids. Rest in peace Dick and thanks for the memories.


RIP to the World's Oldest Teenager! A sad day, indeed.


I heard of his passing on all three major networks' morning shows. Lots of tributes, from people like Marie Osmond. Sad to hear of his passing.

Didn't he "discover" Fabian, Bobby Rydell and a few others like them? Yikes!


RIP Mr. Clark. Thank you for everything.


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