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DE Signature Six String Bass Guitar at NAMM!!


Kudos and congrats on this great signature guitar Deed and Duane! I love everything about it. Great clips, and thanks for that tic-tac screed Walter, I saved it (just bought a Squier Bass VI).

Can't wait to try out this model!


Paul, let me know what you think of that Squier VI. I bought one from a GDPer friend and I must say that I think that it is pretty well built and sounds great. How do you find yours?


Oh, I am really liking the Squier VI. Nice quality overall, good scale length, frets, action, it seems balanced. I don't like all the tone switch positions, but there are at least two that really work well.

Some minor intonation issues need sorting out — I've been lazy this winter. My adjustment screws seem OK, but I saw on Youtube where a guy had issues with the screws not moving the bridge saddles enough or something. He ended up cutting the screw shafts, I forget why, possibly the intonation could not be set otherwise.


Staytrem in the UK make the problem-solver bridge for a Fender/Squier VI. And for E-tuning, it does help to get a bigger low E string than the one that comes on the guitar.


Does it come in white?


Staytrem in the UK make the problem-solver bridge for a Fender/Squier VI. And for E-tuning, it does help to get a bigger low E string than the one that comes on the guitar.

– WB

Yep, I couldn't agree more with the suggestion to get some beefy strings on that guitar, redrocker. When I first got mine used, it had some different strings on it than had come with it originally. The strings would literally flop about on the fretboard when I tried to play it. Strings would go out of tune when I would depress them and they would splay a bit on the fretboard. So, I bought a set of LaBellas that were appropriately sized for the guitar and it made all the difference in the world. I am not absolutely positive of the gauges as I sit here in my office, but I could check later and let you know if that were important to you. I think that they might have been .026 .035 .044 .055 .075 .095.


Does it come in white?

Not at this time, Mun. But, you never know...:)


I don't remember what gauge I use because I never change strings on basses, but .095 would be about right for the low E. I think my higher strings are lighter than what you listed. I'll have to measure them. Whatever they had at the NAMM show was too light on the bottom. They probably copied the Danelectro reissue gauge which was also wrong.


Duane is using an 84 on the low E on his personal guitar now. Billy is right, the bottom on the NAMM six string bass guitar was a 76. That will be a change to the forthcoming guitars.


Can't wait to try the guitar, Deed. Love that it's Dyna-equipped. I suppose Rocky will get at least one in his shop?


I tried to look up "tic-tac bass" on wikipedia and the thing took me to "baritone guitar." What's the real difference/origin of "ti-tac bass" to a regular bass?

– lx

Some Nashville recordings from the classic period of country western began to feature danelectro 6-string bass parts in addition to bass-bass. The dano was amplified to emphasize midrange attack and not fundamental bass range, sometimes with reverb to emphasize the unique voice. I think Duane Eddy picked it up afterwards to make it a lead melody instrument, as did Jet Harris of the Shadows. It’s a coloration instrument for pitching the melody in the lowest range. A different animal than a double bass or Fender electric bass.

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