Duane Eddy's House of Twang

DE backing tracks


Does anyone know if there are any Duane Eddy backing tracks featuring real musicians, as opposed to programmed midi tracks please?


Please be sure to let me know if you find any, ok?

Did I read correctly that this was originally posted six years ago, Bax?


Looks like a revisited thread from the great crash.


Arthur should be able to link you (if it's still available) to a cd from members of the DE Circle that was on sale in the UK a while back Backing tracks & demo recordings of 6 tracks

There's also a guy called "Got Twang" on utube that posts a lot of DE backing tracks

And...from Australia......UBH4 cd


22 tracks, 4 DE & other tracks by the Ventures/Shadows/Buddy Holly etc... A large amount of other bt's for DE on the Leo's Den site by several different UK musicians as well.

There's another outlet called "Agoston" that has a lot of DE backing tracks, not all "genuine live " musicians but well worth a look & cheap to buy, many, many other tunes on the site as well


Plenty to browse through their Deed, happy to help if your looking for any particular tracks


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