Duane Eddy's House of Twang



The Cash Box Oct 18th 1958. 59 years ago today this full page ad was published. What a killer track Cannonball is...Duane's fourth single for Jamie Records and fourth hit in a row. Recorded at Ramsey Recorders in Phoenix AZ in Sept 1958, it sounds today as fresh and kick-ass as ever.


My first Duane Eddy single , given to me by a cousin of mine ! - It always made me think of the trucking series shown on UK TV , on a Sunday night from memory . Something else that made the special relationship , great ! - The flip side " Mason-Dixon Lion " to me had a great novelty ending ! - Interesting to note :- " The Vintage Years " Duane Eddy Sire album , erroneously lists the track " Mason-Dixon Line " - I almost forgot my other first single was " The Walker " and flip side " Ramrod " ----- 1958 was such a momentous year , with the Eddy explosion on the record scene. Each release was the cause of a Saturday afternoon gathering in our front room . To get the 45 on my Dansette Major , autochange record player !

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