Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Can we date this, please?


While in Lubbock last week, this guitar appeared. The owner doesn't know, and I said I'd check with the kings of knowledge...that'd be y'all.

So, what do you think?


Looks to be a '57 like Duane's, but the handle is from a little later, because, well, you know. Looks like replaced Grover rotomatic tuners. There should be a metal/brass nut. Square cut guard is for DeArmonds, so that looks period correct. The rounded "G" on the headstock and the slanted bar bridge makes me think that this was made after Duane's. The batch of 6120's made after Duane's is when you started seeing the Filtertrons but this one could've shown up around then too. I see a label in the upper f-hole. Give me the serial number and I can say for sure.

Edit: The owner was obviously an exacting player too because he did the "Dynasonic Flip" with the bridge pickup turned around probably to get less twang; that may also be why the metal nut was replaced.


As one who emphatically doesn't know (and so, this being the internet, am bound to comment), I say 1957.


Geez you guys are fast. When I started my guesspost, there were no responses. Now it looks like I copied. Swhat I get for posting from the taptap iPad "keyboard."


Features point to late '57. The first generation bar bridge suggests it may have been made pretty close to the time of Mr. Eddy's. The Bigsby handle and shoulder are '58 style, not the spoon, a.k.a. Duane Eddy, handle you would expect. The headstock looks a little "off" (aside from the replaced tuners).

Edit: Missed the missing brass nut.

A serial number is always helpful, if you've got access.


Geez you guys are fast.

Good lord, you're not kidding.


That style Bigsby arm was introduced in '57. Slotted stud dates it to late '57 to early '58.


The headstock looks a little "off" (aside from the replaced tuners).

Another fine catch by Afire: the headstock logo and shoe is biased a little north of where it should be; no doubt that it's vintage Gretsch!


Man I want to put that bridge in the correct location


So, I said to the guy in Lubbock..."I believe it's very close to Duane's but there's a few things I need to check." What's with the red markings on the knobs? Oh, serial number, duh...here ya go. Sorry.


Looks to me like the knobs were painted at some point, maybe just the engraved parts. Not a Gretsch feature...


Looks like the switch has spun around a little too.


No little dot on the R in the logo. Don't know if that's significant.

The serial gurus will know for sure, but are we certain this is a 6120...? My gut was telling me it may not be then I saw no model number on the sticker.

Reasons? Headstock overlay not positioned where you expect, spun bridge pup (been at least taken out, if not added), questionable dating for Bigsby, bone/plastic nut. Could be/may be/ likely is, but not for sure for sure - not yet.


More Gretsch weirdness! This is actually from the batch before Duane's (258xx). An earlier thread on vintage Corsairs ('57-'58) I noted transition features happening out of sequence: thumbprint markers and cutaways happening out of feature/model year order. And these inconsistencies were happening across batches. This just reinforces that guitars were not on a linear assembly line; or maybe they were but things "stacked up" after assembly before/during Dan Duffy's QC work and the last part. The serial number was the last thing put on the guitars by a receptionist (according to Dan Duffy) so she was doing this in between everything else a receptionist is supposed to do.


Looks to me like the knobs were painted at some point, maybe just the engraved parts. Not a Gretsch feature...

– Deke Martin

Yeah, I've always thought the "ruby" on the Falcon/Penguin knobs were especially useful in low-light situations


Definitely a 6120, model # is frequently faded and missing, normal stuff here.


Man I want to put that bridge in the correct location

– JazzBoxJunky

Haha, that was my first thought too!


As Mr. sipes accurately points out the slotted Bigsby bolt places it after Duane's guitars feature package. These were pretty focused at late '57 (calendar year) specimens... including my debut batch Gent.


Nice guitar---The headstock binding looks to have been replaced though.


Haha, that was my first thought too!

– WB

Mine three!

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