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BBC 4 25 Jan: On Guitar-Lenny Kaye


My older brother went to college with and was frat brothers with Lenny Kaye.


A well put together programme , about the way things have evolved guitar wise ! This time the BBC rose to the occasion . I particularly liked the segment about Les Paul and his unique , historic contribution vis a vis the electric Guitar . Les being its inventor , back in the early 40s . I recall hearing him with Mary Ford on the radio between the early to mid fifties ! With the unmistakable sound , a veritable musical trade mark ! ----- Talking about an unmistakable sound , why was the programme recorded ? - Simply because Arthur tipped us off that Duane was included . So whilst in the arms of Morpheus I knew there would be something worth watching today ! I thought Duane's contribution was great , with neat references to his work . Interspersed with snatches of the instrumentals, that have made such a profound impression ! - There was a later reference to the reworking of " Peter Gunn " .


I watched it on iPlayer. I liked it but why does the Edge have to be in guitar documentaries? Same with ‚It Might Get Loud‘, you’re having a good time, everything is nice, then the stupid Edge comes on screen and I get hypertension. I though the bass episode was really good, btw!

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