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Another Duane spin on ‘ Sounds of the Sixties ’


"Break My Mind" apparently played on July 6 - I'm running at least two weeks behind, so can't confirm! But how great, after wishing for so long that they'd play something more obscure - can't get much more obscure than that, at least in the 60s! Always liked both this and "Lovingbird." Pat Boone's regarded as more of a vocalist than Duane but I've got PB's version of "Break My Mind," and reckon Duane's version's every bit as good!


Tony Blackburn not too complementary about Duane's singing . A little bit like the kettle calling the pot black ! ---- Our old mate Brian Matthew spun " Break My Mind " on Sounds of the Sixties a few years back ! - My request for the song got me a BBC copy . --- Last weeks show , using the theme of instrumentalists who actually sang on a disc . Also featured the great Jet Harris !


This week "Ballad of Paladin" played. What a great record. Every bit as good as the classic Jamie sides, in my view.


Indeed " Ballad of Paladin " is an extremely good record ! When Tony Blackburn played it I felt like emailing him and saying now lets have a proper weekly instrumental spot ! - Without curtailment for the news ! - At least a couple of tracks would not go amiss , then hearing a Duane hit or rarity would not be such a ' Sounds of the Sixties ' surprise !


Understand "(Dance with the) Guitar Man" played this last weekend (I'm forever several weeks behind in listening, so can't confirm). Good if true, but why that one yet again? - it's not representative of Duane's classic style, and there are so many great tracks that don't get played ...


Understand "(Dance with the) Guitar Man" played this last weekend (I'm forever several weeks behind in listening, so can't confirm). Good if true, but why that one yet again? - it's not representative of Duane's classic style, and there are so many great tracks that don't get played ...

– Simon Euan-Smith

Yes Tony Blackburn said something like it being a great song or Duane Eddy track ! - However now on ' Sounds of the Sixties ' its a case of being thankful for small mercies , where instrumentals are concerned . Why we can't have a feature each week devoted to 3 or more of them ! Including other instrumentalists and for a change some of Mr.Eddy's great ' B ' sides . - Like , " Theme For Moon Children " !


Tony Blackburn has just played " Because They're Young " on Sounds of the Sixties . - It sounds even better , with each passing year !!


Yes, brilliant track - but there are so many others that don't get played, and should be! A while ago they had a feature where they played the opening track of an album and asked "Is this the strongest track?" I wrote in and nominated "Sugarfoot Rag" - definitely my favourite Duane non-single track. (Having said that, I was in a junk shop in Athens in 1970 and found a Greek single - with Greek lettering! - of "Sugarfoot Rag," coupled with "Your Baby's Gone Surfing." It was chipped and worn, so I didn't buy it - I should have done!) Anyway, my request wasn't played - a few weeks ago, with the lockdown, Tony B invited listeners to send in requests (which, unlike Brian Matthew, he doesn't normally). So I asked for "Sugarfoot Rag" again, and guess what ...


"Dance with the Guitar Man" played on October 24 - great to hear Duane, of course, but wish they'd give us more variety! I'm going to e-mail Tony B with some suggestions, but not too hopeful ...

Interesting that we all love Duane's "classic" sound - but of his four UK Top 5 hits, only "Shazam!" really falls into that category. "Because They're Young" is with orchestra, "Pepe" sounds acoustic and "Guitar Man" is a vocal. All great records, of course, but so many in his "classic" style didn't fare anything like as well.


Yes , Sounds of the Sixties , Saturday morning and " Dance With The Guitar Man " meant everything came to a halt in our house ! - However I have to concur with Simon , variety is the spice of life . ..... That must also go for our guitar hero's music as with other musicians ! If a plethora of radio plays helps with recorded music sales . " Dance With The Guitar Man " should be flying off the shelves ! ..... I have long thought there could be a ' B ' side slot , Duane's are so great . " My personal favourite " Theme For Moon Children " - On the BBC Radio Light Programme in the 50s , I loved the series of ' Journey Into Space' - The aforementioned tune would have been a superb addition to the haunting space music . - Imagination seems to be in short supply on Sounds of the Sixties . I will probably email Tony Blackburn calling for a proper instrumental spot each week . - With say 3 tracks played !


Brian Matthew had a "Both Sides of a Record Spot" at one time. What are people's favourite Duane two-siders, I wonder? From the 60s, I'd say "Deep in the Heart of Texas"/"Saints and Sinners," "The Avenger"/ "Londonderry Air" (why wasn't "The Avenger" a hit?? I've e-mailed Tony B to suggest he play it, but don't hold your breath, folks) and "Pepe"/"Lost Friend." Extending it to the 50s, I'd go for "Yep!"/"Peter Gunn" and "The Lonely One/Detour." One of my all-time favourite B-sides (though it wasn't issued as a single in the UK) is "Bobbie." I bought the UK version of "$1,000,000 Worth of Twang, Volume II" in 1964 - the fourth album I ever bought, and still my favourite (and I've now got hundreds!) When I bought it I knew the hits, but few of the other tracks - and "Bobbie" was a lovely surprise. And "The Story of three Loves," of course! - if that had been promoted as the A-side, and got some airplay, I'm sure it could have been a hit.


Today the programme closed with "Shazam!" After the last time "Dance with the Guitar Man" was played I wrote in to say that "Shazam!" also made No 4 in the UK, and is far more representative of Duane's classic sound. Whether that prompted the play I've no idea, but good to hear something different!


good to hear Duane playing Shazam! this morning. really spirits on a damp misty morning !


It was great to hear Duane's " Shazam " , however the fact remains we only get a dearth of instrumentals on Sounds of the Sixties . Yet going back to when I first heard " Flight of the Bumble Bee " by Harry James . On my uncles wind up record player , I was a young boy . Music lovers have loved instrumentals . So come on BBC and other radio stations , lets have a fair quota !!


Great to hear "Deep in the Heart of Texas" played today (I originally requested it last October!) A terrific record that really recaptured Duane's classic sound, and took him back into the UK charts after more than a year. OK, not one of his biggest hits, but chart positions aren't everything - and how great to hear a number that doesn't get played that often.


Yes it was great to hear " Deep In The Heart Of Texas " on Sounds of the Sixties . I said we don't hear enough of Duane's records , turn the volume up ! Apparently during WW11 the song was banned with workers using spanners in tune with the song on their working benches ! Maybe production could have received a boost , a musical impetus and inspiration ! ---- Then with Duane's switch to RCA in 1962 , he put his great unique stamp on " Deep In The Heart Of Texas " were those spanners coming down on the work benches again , reverberating around factories . --- My reaction with that first RCA release was , the top guitar man is sticking to the tried and tested formula , playing safe ! --- Then came the added vocals , something of a shock to the system to start with ! With a little nurturing " Dance With The Guitar Man " did grow on me !


" Dance With The Guitar Man " on Sounds of the Sixties again . We love it , but Tony Blackburn our number one guitar star , recorded a thousand and one other tracks ! - A sides - B sides and album tracks !! -- Go on surprise us with a rarity !!


Quite agree - I've just e-mailed Tony B with a few suggestions. We can only hope!


Quite agree - I've just e-mailed Tony B with a few suggestions. We can only hope!

– Simon Euan-Smith

Well done Simon , perhaps legions of us should do that , to reinforce your stirling efforts !


I've just got round to listening to the programme. Tony introduced the record by saying "In the 60s we loved our instrumentals, didn't we!" Sorry, I don't think this is an instrumental! - not what's usually meant by the word, anyway. Wish he'd play more genuine instrumentals!

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