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A Thunder of Drums Soundtrack


The soundtrack to A Thunder of Drums has been released as part of a three-disc CD set which also includes the soundtracks to Northwest Passage, Many Rivers to Cross, and The Godchild (a TV movie). The following liner notes refer to the five tracks which were composed and played by Duane:

Tracks 21–25 present the source music recorded for A Thunder of Drums. These cues are noteworthy in that they were composed and performed by legendary rock guitarist Duane Eddy (b. 1938), who appears in the film (in one of his infrequent acting roles) as Trooper Eddy. The artist recorded his guitar tracks prior to filming (on April 19, 1961).

  1. Second Waltz This source waltz for banjo and guitar plays at the Fort Canby party when McQuade dances with the lovely Camden Yates (Carole Wells).

  2. Two Step After Maddocks and McQuade have a heated confrontation outside the party, a few seconds of this upbeat country dance play when the captain rejoins the festivities. The piece is briefly heard again when a settler bursts into the room and announces that his family has been killed by Indians.

  3. Water From a Bad Well Earlier in the film, Trooper Eddy plays a laid-back country tune on his guitar while the other soldiers get drunk.

  4. Ballad of Camden Yates Trooper Eddy performs a second relaxed source piece on his guitar.

  5. Fort Canby Dance This harmonically static waltz is the first piece of source music featured at the Fort Canby party

The regular price for the set is $34.95, but until Monday at midnight EST it can be had for half price (plus shipping) from Screen Archives Entertainment when using the code BOXSET117 at checkout. As far as I can tell, this is the only way to get Duane's performances in the film without dialog and other background sounds.

I have been a Screen Archives customer for several years and have never encountered a problem with an order.



Such a progressive, good thing to have the " Thunder of Drums " soundtrack on CD . Going back to musical soundtracks on vinyl , the music was in my opinion better appreciated !


This was released about 5 years ago by Screen Archives so my guess is that they are pushing their last copies - so get in quick, especially at the reduced price. I did mention it in "Twangsville" at the time. Those of you who were at the Convention last year will remember that one member had a copy for sale that had cost him around £50 as he was charged import duty (it was bought at the full price) but at half price this might escape the dreaded charges - it's just about on the borderline so fingers crossed!! And the copies I bought when it first came out all escaped any charges. Rich is right, there is no other way to get these tracks.


I'm having second thoughts - my CD set has a 2009 copyright date and says that it was limited to 2,000 copies. But the booklet does not contain the detailed information on Duane's tracks that Rich has described, so this does look to be a new pressing.


That makes sense as it sounded like they were running low on stock - it's a very good price and when the 500 have gone that will be it.


Would like to find Duane eddys second waltz playing with banjo in movie thunder of drums

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