Duane Eddy's House of Twang

60 Years Ago Today


Exactly 60 years ago, Duane was performing at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool, England; this was a one-week residency, starting on March 28th – The Beatles saw two or three of the concerts at The Liverpool Empire, and George Harrison once told Deed that "The Lads & I used to stand outside the Adelphi Hotel hoping to catch a glimpse of Duane". George also explained that they would have liked to meet and talk with Duane but the Hotel was too posh for them to go into wearing their “gear”.


I think right around this time George and maybe it was John also saw one of Eddie Cochran's last UK shows, saw his Gretsch, that may have influenced his purchase later that year or early the following year.


I was not quite 13 of age, lived in Maghull about 10 miles out of Liverpool, my older brother got tickets as he was a big DE Fan and with some of his friends I went along pretending to be somewhat older "" the sound of Detour opening blew me away. I was hooked and still gives me a hair standing experience on my neck the many times I have seen Duane in the UK, that Gretsch"" I went on to enjoy Liverpool in the full on Mersey Sound times and played in a few bands eventually, hope all is well with him and family in Nashville during these dreadful times we are enduring.

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