Duane Eddy's House of Twang

1962 Guild DE on ebay


This Guitar has obviously been around the block, I just couldn't help myself, I just love Guitars that have such a backstory, especially when its from one of our own


I have no affiliation with this seller, THIS is American history folks


I can relate to the whole vibe except the pick. If it were a Guild pick, that would be cooler tho.


Duane has done so much for the reputation of guitar companies like Gretsch , Guild and Gibson . Its just to be hoped that all of the bosses in those organisations , appreciate his sterling efforts, over so many years ! - I noticed the guild guitar in question had been put through its paces on " Bonanza " and " Walk Don't Run " - Two tunes that I would love to hear Duane play !


I'm waiting for Walter B to weigh in on this one.


Very cool guitar. It would make a great pair with my '62 Guild DE 500. These are fabulous instruments, someone here should grab it!


I understand about rescuing strays and giving them good homes. Needs a Duane handle tho'.


Needs a pick guard, the least of its worries.


Jeez I wish I had some dough. I'd buy that in a second. It's right up my alley


Looks like it sold. Anyone here get it?


Not me. I think I would have made an offer if it didn't require I drive to New York to pick it up.

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