Duane Eddy's House of Twang

1957 Gretsch 6120 Ex Duane Eddy !


Nice guitar but the provenance sounds like a real reach to me! Are they claiming Duane played it or that it was in the same show?


Absolutely !

How can it be ex Duane when he never owned it !

And looks like some binding rot on there,i don't think i've seen rot on a 57 6120 before.

Aye,they say EX Duane,then say ; Note - The above although never personally Owned By Duane Eddy was used , played at charity event , full documentation is included.


I wonder how many pounds they're adding to the price for this BS Duane reference?


What can you expect? These guys are literally crooks.


What can you expect? These guys are literally crooks.

– Afire

What he said.


Maybe if Deed's around she can shed some light on it... meantime, I remember hearing that more than one North American artist has it written into their European contracts that appropriate instruments will be supplied by the promoter..

Heck, even in North America, it's pretty standard stuff, though mostly with pianos and the like.

Maybe the tale is true. Maybe it was played by Duane when he was in Britain on a tour.


I'd rather have Gasmoney's dark orange '57 6120. Or a 6120 in the same batch as Duane's original.


To me, an artist, regardless of how famous, playing a guitar for a concert doesn't add any value to it, documented or not.....owning it is different.


Could it have been used in the charity event for ‘Save The Children’ when Duane played, here in the UK ? As has already been stated the link is rather tenuous.


Well spotted 'tabletop'. That says it all really


Well spotted 'tabletop'. That says it all really


well I think Afire said it first


It all sounds very unlikley. Duane played his own 6120 when he toured the UK in 1960 and it is certainly not that guitar. By the time he came back to the UK in 1963 he had the Guild DE-500 and that is the guitar he used in the UK for many years. By the time of his 2010 UK concerts he had his own signature 6120 and I would have imagined that Gretsh UK would have provided these as they probably also did in 2011, 2012 & 2019. Duane borrowed the Dano for these tours, but that's another story. So it's unlikely this is the guitar from the 2018 London charity event for "Save The Children", unless Duane gave that guitar to someone to say "thanks". During that event there was a silent auction for a signature 6120 so maybe?? But unless and until the seller gives more information about the provenance of this instrument I would stay well clear.


Just looked back at the photos, which I should have done before I sent my first message. Duane has signed the back of the head-stock, which he has done on a number of occasions so I am even more convinced that it's one that Duane signed for another musician when he was in the UK, or that it is the one that was auctioned at the "Save The Children" event; but I am surprised by the condition - I wonder if the photos were taken at the guitar store or by the original owner, because that looks like a brutal wall on which to store guitars.


A couple of the auctioned-for-charity instruments I have been around involved new, "used once" instruments, usually played by the name who signed it just for that show and then given to the auction. I am aware that a musician of note will sometimes hand over his or her instrument at the end of a concert to be auctioned off in the same manner as an athlete will donate a "game worn" jersey or stick, etc. (Bonnie Raitt donated a Strat that way here in town once upon a time) But even those are usually fairly new instruments in pretty clean condition. Well-loved, well-used guitars are usually the hardest ones to pry from a musician's fingers. They are loved for a reason. Even a runt like me, who sold off three seldom used "backups" but kept my #1 Takamine (and my Fender Jumbo) during my last downsizing convulsion. The other examples had better frets, better finishes and few if any cosmetic issues, but they went, and the #1 is still here. I told myself it was because I could get more money for the cleaner axes, and almost believed it for a time, but that really isn't the truth. Love is a big part of it.

That said, this baby's got some miles on her, to coin a phrase, and while I suppose it's possible that someone donated a well-loved, used Gretsch, complete with Duane's signature, to a charity auction, my hinky meter is going off loudly. More so, given the source, it seems.

A serial number could clear a lot of questions up, that's for sure.


If that's the case, I got a

Duane Eddy

Richard Thompson

Nick Lowe

Bob Mould

Patti Smith

Paul Weller

Martin Chambers

Chrissy Hynde

Wanda Jackson

Keith Richard

John Fogerty

Pat DiNizio

Nils Lofgren

Gordon Lightfoot

Jimmy Sutton

JD McPherson

Bill Kirshen

Waddy Wachtell

Ray Davies

Dave Davies

Exclusive Model!


How is Justin Harrison not in prison for life? Seriously.


Without proper documentation to document and verify Duane Eddy owned it, it's not even a question of whether or not Duane Eddy owned it. Not worth buying. That simple.


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