Zildjian cymbals, please help me date them


Are there any cymbal experts hanging around here? I think they are 1950's. Am I correct? I didn't want to sign up on a drum forum when the GDP has almost everything covered!

1 in question

One is a 15" crash and the other a 18" ride. Both have 1/2" holes(not 7/16") that look pretty good, meaning that they don't look crudely drilled out as far as I can tell.

No other logos or ink on them.


I think the 1st one is 60's and the second one is 50's, due to the thickness of the Arabic writing


Thanks for the insight Billy. I hadn't noticed any difference with the ottoman logo. Note that both are missing the top portion of the logo. And both are missing the three dots. Now I just need to figure out which one is which in the photos that I took.

Knavel, thanks for that link. I had been looking on another site and it had a link to the one you posted so I'll investigate more.


How do they sound? I'm really interested. I've migrated from K Custom dark to all Armands except for one of my rides. I really love the late 60's vibe of the Armands. Never had any old Avedis cymbals.


They sound really good, especially the crash. These replaced a planet z crash/ride and sabian Pro B8 crash(I moved those over to another set).

Here's the site I was looking at last nite: black.net.nz


Super cool cymbals and I LOVE the gold sparkle kit!


Thanks mshehan! It's a old Japanese stencil kit, Marathon brand.


Congrats on that! For some reason a few years back I traded my Ludwig Vistalites for a 7 piece double bass PDP kit. I SHOULD have gone for gold sparkle. It's always been my favorite. Classic look for sure!


I used to own this set of 1966 gold sparkle Ludwig Hollywoods. I still have the A. Zildjian 20" medium ride and 18" crash. My friend and longtime drummer Brad sits behind the kit. Brother Brian (at left with Mosrite) and me, right.


Cool photo! Do you still have the LP? What kind of hi hats did you have? I'm still on the hunt for a good set.


I no longer have the Les Paul Custom. It was a wine red '77 three pickup with a TP-6 adjustable tailpiece. A cool guitar, but it just wasn't me. The high hats on my Ludwig kit were a cobbled together pair-cheap 12" Kingston bottom with a cast Vibra top. They came with the kit but I replaced them with a set of 15" Zildjian New Beats from the '70s.


I'm wanting to try a set of new beat hats.


I stand corrected on my New Beats. They are 1982 or newer. I just visited my drumset this evening and my hats have the painted-on Zildjian logo. I'm sure that the 18" and 20" are almost certainly from the '60s.


Are they medium of heavy hats?

Right now I'm using some heavy cast Abraxis hats. I like 'em ok but I'm hearing a different sound in my head that I want. I'm wondering what some light new beat hats are going to sound like? Chances of me finding a pair local to try out and demo and zero I bet.


New Beats are considered to be pretty versatile. My main pair are 13" Sabian counterparts, they call theirs, "regular hats".


Paul, here is the set I have on the Zildjian website: https://zildjian.com/cymbal... I think they're medium top, heavy bottom. You can click on the different sounds of this pair and further down is a video of a guy playing the pair with a drumset. Pretty cool website!

Here's the home page: https://zildjian.com/


Thanks tub, thanks Forrest!


I finally got some lightweight zildjian hi hats. I really like them. It's like having a extra crash too.

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