Vintage Japanese drums Marathon brand


Got these Marathon drums from a trading buddy. We thought they looked like a Gretsch kit. Not a lot of info on the Made in Japan kits but for one site. I still need a snare stand. I picked up some cymbals and hardware recently. I've always wanted drums, so this is my first kit.

 photo 0F6AFC91-B572-42BF-B724-CBF6EA54B7F0_zpspcxrzi0n.jpg

Some more essential hardware

 photo 40134F99-938A-4C50-A90F-6B4924533204_zpsvngfnzeh.jpg

I bought some cheap sticks but need to go back and buy some better ones. Still learning!


Paul, that kit looks exactly like the drums I had in high school until about 1975 (only mine were red sparkle). Same hoops, hardware and lugs. They were branded Capitan, but I was told they were made by Pearl. They sounded pretty good (good cymbals are crucial).


I'll eventually be trading up for better cymbals.

Here's a site with info Vintage Japanese Drum Page

I was only able to find a badge pic of Marathon.


Looks like nice 'stencil kit'. Still have one in storage, far, far away. With some patience and heart they sound really great.


I've got a lot to learn. But I'm willing. Mainly just getting them for players who visit and want to jam, practice & record in my studio. Here's some badge and logo shots.

 photo 2564172E-CA6F-4EA4-AB50-81DCF744DB51_zpsquhnh7fp.jpg  photo 7D28ABA2-71D8-4079-8D45-9A531BEC4CEF_zpsxhup9qv5.jpg

 photo 7AB6B2C6-CB0F-4E35-A397-56B30BEEE607_zpstswucwhb.jpg

 photo 247EA602-89DC-42B5-943E-9375435A0E8B_zps9ewixacw.jpg


Nice little kit! I'm loving the gold sparkle.


I'll eventually be trading up for better cymbals.

Here's a site with info Vintage Japanese Drum Page

I was only able to find a badge pic of Marathon.

– Setzer

I always spend way more on cymbals than the actual drums.

Can't say enough good stuff about the Agop set I have right now. Took me weeks to find all the pieces I wanted one at a time.

Looks like a fun kit - good luck.


I finally got a snare stand.

 photo A7555035-13A4-4DF5-9955-AE488E659540_zpsnkle86sn.jpg

Some sparkle!

 photo E477BE38-1CAD-4D40-948F-2D3215F1C8FA_zpsqtdoqz6m.jpg

They sounds pretty good!

 photo CF2A241B-8056-470D-9177-EA90936B6A7B_zpso5v49e1x.jpg


I went further trying a different setup. I added a shell mount cymbal holder.

 photo AB4D875E-E485-47E2-AE2E-4926CBB25D6A_zpsuebc1ie1.jpg

I used a fire place tool holder rod that's threaded on both ends and is a perfect fit for the mount hole! Also I'm missing a bass spur. For now I'm using a chainsaw tool, fits in the mount hole just right! Looks crazy thou

 photo 98750B5B-F459-4B27-998A-6E9BB87A3AC1_zpsxsjcpfh6.jpg

 photo 0F6AFC91-B572-42BF-B724-CBF6EA54B7F0_zpspcxrzi0n.jpg


I'm amazed that it still has the original bass front head without a band name on it or a hole in it. Cymbals can make or break a drum kit. A good crash, ride, and high hat are essential--- and can be pricey. Most drummers I know use Zildjian. Nice score, BTW. Looks to be in great condition.


Slim, there's a small hole in the front head at about 5 o'clock.

I got a vintage Pearl/Japan flat based snare stand to keep with the kit's theme. Now I've got the snare lower, and raised the floor tom to match.


Very cool. Last year a bought an Hammond M-100 and a model 125 Leslie. They are in the basement and I'm keeping an eye out for something like this kit to put down there too, like you, for jam sessions. Most of the Japanese drums that have come up for sale around here are only partial kits or individual drums but something will come up eventually. Love the gold sparkle!


I lucked into this set. I'm glad all the pieces are there and in good shape. I'm still practicing on 'em!


I found some decent hi hats and a thin crash on CL for cheap. Much better now, esp. the hats!  photo 5DADD03E-3978-4ECA-9863-A6910FD9CB0F_zpsdfdqnmp6.png Added a cowbell Annual trip to Sam Ash in Charlotte yielded some live wire brushes and better sticks; Regal tip 2b Jazz. The old Whitehall unfinished maples that I had been using....my first pair of sticks, are like Qtips now compared to the good sticks. I still use them but now have rubber O rings on the fat end / diy mallets. I need a stick bag. Lol


Got 'em setup lefthanded and loving it. I'm thinking I might could spin the bass shell around(switch the heads of course), thus placing the cymbal rod pocket on the left.

 photo 6D39695B-440C-4BFF-8792-2D960EA86B7B_zpsccrg8juq.jpg

I'm bouncing back and forth between my friend's right handed kit. It's fun!

 photo AF3AC6FE-162E-4A25-A8F3-474B5EA082B4_zpsppyxognu.jpg


This looks like a fun room to make music in, Paul. Hope it's crowded from time to time.


Thanks sascha! I think that it is too. From time to time it gets a little crowded. Mainly thou it's small jams with a couple of guys I work with. The space also doubles as my sign shop and on the other side a garage to work on mail jeeps


The other day I lucked up on some "practice" cymbals for cheap...I couldn't resist!

 photo 9D22B3F0-9D62-48F6-8597-B09BA8777939_zpsclsbkwcg.jpg

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