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Its Spring Training! Here’s a Television “Deep Track” with Brook…


Wow - a bit of "deep" television trivia. Meet Happy Felton of the "Knothole Gang," 25 minutes of live television just prior to Brooklyn Dodgers telecasts. Players interact with kids from some VERY Brooklyn families. Oh - and the first player the kids get to interact with? Well let's just say he wears number 42.

This particular full episode is from 1956 (you can tell because Happy is giving away "World Championship" programs, and that was 1955....)

Another interesting piece of trivia for guitar heads - the telecast is brought to you by Lincoln Savings Bank. And a VP of their Board of Trustees - "Mr. Fred Gretsch ... President of the Gretsch Musical Instrument Company." You see him introduced and interviewed at 5:30.

Oh - and its good to be back on the TGP.



That was priceless!

"The boy who blows a horn won't be blowing a safe." -- Fred Gretsch

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