Tubwompus! Holy Moly!


That performance made my morning! The Tubwompus Dude Rules!


Holy Moly is right. all done with the flair and comic conviction of a percussion genius!


Here's one from West Baden, last year.


Here's one from West Baden, last year.

– Suprdave

It makes me feel warm inside knowing that CBell was an avid collector who could PLAY! I'm so glad there are videos of him. This song reminds me of Woodstock's theme. "Little birdie..."


The guy just ain't human... no way a real person can play like that. Bionics, Cybernetics, radar hearing, computerized hand-eye coordination...

People don't realize that he's actually a darn fine guitarist too!


Plus, he makes fun of the Amish!


Sam's da man. I had a blast playing with him at Phila's back in '11.


Sam been da man for years! I met him when he was 17 and he was already da man...

Great footage from the 2016 Roundup, Dave. I didn't know there was any. Do you have more? Does anyone else? Things sound pretty good in that room, and how cool to have Cam and C Vegas and Rob, and Gregg on bass.


Holy muther-a-pearl, you guys are so freakin' awesome!!!!!

John, how the hell did you stumble onto that first vid?????

If you only knew the hours of pain-staking practice that it took for me to be able to drop that stick JUST RIGHT so that it looked like an accident. Lmao

Thanks so much, you guys. I miss you all terribly.

And John, thank YOU for this thread, bud.



Yes sir, I have more video of West Baden. I thought I posted it on last years thread. I can send you links or you can stalk my Youtube page. Yes, I saw Cam and thought the same John. Yeah Rob, Ole Sammy has the gift and heck yeah, John, he's a better guitarist than me, which aint sayin much.


John, how the hell did you stumble onto that first vid????? - tubwompus

There's this thing called Google now...

I was actually curious of your background, to see if you were some secret session god or something to that line of thinking, and stumbled on a couple videos.

The other one was called "Sammy the crazy drummer", but the one I posted was jaw dropping.

So, have you played with anyone, or on any projects of note? I know there's something out there we can hear your bashing on. I'm expecting something like this open mic I went to that was run by a drummer...Vinnie "Mad Dog" Lopez...didn't realize until about 15 minutes before it was over that he played on a couple of Springsteen's earlier records.


John, god luv ya!!

Nossir, I ain't nobody, never have been.

Other than playing on a song that was a Radio Free Europe "pick of the week" back in 1989.....

I'm just another sub-atomic particle on human history's list of also-rans.

But dude, I can't tell you how it feels to know that someone did what you did and for that, you have my endless humble gratitude.


Aww. Thank you!

You're the first person to ever thank me for my gentle stalking.


Holy cow Tubwompus......that clip Crowbone posted will reach the heavens and tempt Buddy Rich's spirit to come back as a clone of you!!!!


Right NJD, but TW won't squeal about throwing clams!


Nossir, I ain't nobody, never have been.

Well now, hold on just a cotton-pickin' minute there, DRUMhead. Seems like you and me, we worked on a fair amount of WCOD projects back in the day.

I was fortunate to work on a lot of tracks with Sam in my project studio in the mid-80s - mostly instant band-for-hire arrangements for singer-songwriters making albums. But we worked on some original stuff too.

In fact, here's Sam on one of the tracks from my own 1987 smash(ed) album Passion vs Sleep, favorably reviewed in the reader tapes sections of Electronic Musician AND Modern Drummer (it's true).

So...goodgod...30 YEARS ago, here's what we were doing.

Different Heads

Sam was kinda co-producer (and groove consultant) on the whole project, besides providing live acoustic and electronic percussion, plus drum machine programming on some tracks. That doesn't mean he's responsible for my failure to swing, which is my own cross to bear.

Gregg Shively is the bassist on this track. Neither he nor Sam had heard the song before, and the three of us worked up a rhythm track take in 2 or 3 hours. The rest of the noise is my overdub fest on an 8-track Tascam reel-to-reel. Can't hold them responsible for that mess - and the statute of limitations has run out on personal liability as well. There are some sampled orchestra hits (it was the 80s, fergawdsake) and maybe the 12-bit Korg-sampled bari sax part goes out of the instrument's actual range. I still thought the parts put the idea across.

Also I can't sing, I ain't pretty, and my legs are thin - but I got nothin' here to be ashamed of.

(Your laptop or mobile speakers aren't going to do the track any favors, and I'd appreciate it if you at least judge it based on full-range listening.)

It's a fair example of Sam's masterful ridmic'rangements. Always a pleasure to work with.


it's good to see Sammy drumming again. haven't seen him since the last Roundup down in Kansas City.

Sam, are you still using that recipe for "hot water cornbread" ?


Different Heads is pretty cool, Proty...like King Crimson and Zappa had an illegitimate love child.


Thanks, John. I guess our influences show...

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