Stewart Copeland’s Drums On The Block


Well. the auction is over.

This was the set he used to record and tour for the entirety of the Police's life.

Winning bid of $121,600.00

Not a bad return on a kit he got for free from Tama for being a sponsored drummer.

Stewart Copeland's Drums


On the auction site there are 3 Police videos and in this video Sting announces that this is the first public performance of Message In A Bottle. I know I've played that song probably thousands of times in my life so imagine how many times The Police have played it.


Why would he sell those drums? I heard about this when it was up for auction but no indicator why.


uhhh...$121,600 reasons?


Per the auction site, it looks like he put them into storage in 1990, so they haven't been used for over a quarter century (!?). I am sure he has another set or two around somewhere should he get the urge to wail on the skins again.

Perhaps he's not the sentimental type.

Me? I still have the first guitar I ever owned, and it's been more than 35 years since I so much as touched it. Don't really know why I keep it around but I just can't bring myself to sell it.

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