Steve Jordan’s Black Gretsch Drums With The Rolling Stones


I have always loved Steve Jordan's drumming. He is playing a black set of Gretsch drums on the new Rolling Stones tour and sounding great. The circumstances of him getting this gig are unfortunate but he is bringing it big time. I was amazed while watching this first show in St. Louis at how he is the perfect drummer for them now. He's able to deliver Charlie's swing and swagger when he needs to but he is also rocking Steve Jordan style when it suits the song. He has found the elusive balance of capturing the essence of a legend while at the same time bringing his personality to the mix.


Gretsch drums like Charlie used-- cool


He's been playing with Keith since the late eighties.


Yeah his time in the Expensive Winos prepared him for this, and I can't think of one other drummer that could fit in so seamlessly. My hat's off to him! I love the way he kicks Midnight Rambler into gear, and Keith is feeling that groove, it's probably the hardest that song is rocked in a while.


Keith Richards said it was Charlie Watts who turned him on to Steve Jordan in the 1980s. I remember watching him on Late Night with David Letterman as a young impressionable musician.


Great drummer

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