Recording at Bryan Adams’ Warehouse Studio


Great shot of The Wheelgrinders' drummer Stuart and his Gretsch kit recording one of the last songs for our debut album at The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver.

The Warehouse is a fabulous recording facility housed in the oldest brick and wood building in the city in the historic district of Gastown and is owned by Bryan Adams who renovated the building from 1991 to 1997.

We recorded eight of the twelve tracks on the album here over three sessions and the staff have been incredible. This shot is one of the few times we can get Stuart to sing backing vocals In fact I think it's a blood curdling Rockabilly scream in our cover of "The Cat".


It's such a good picture that it looks like a staged ad for Gretsch drums.


Sounds like a really cool place, Greg! Love the pic.


I read about The Warehouse a while back...

Good For You!

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