I’m sitting in Novato California this morning. Cold, dank, raining and foggy. Parked under a solar structure, there are three different raindrops hitting the roof, each in different time. Instantly reminds me of the DJ Bonebreak scene where he explains the polyrythms of the washing machine and coffee pot in his kitchen.

As a drummer, I love polyrythms. Never really had any difficulty keeping separate time with each hand and a foot. My teeth are worn from keeping beats while I drive. Something is always moving. I remember my Dad telling me to keep still.

It just seems natural. Anybody ever have trouble with keeping beat?


I chose to do Invisalign after a tooth fractured....bad bite was the "root" cause, ... pun intended.

The final Overnight Retainer helps a lot with the Teeth Beat!

I'm a Teeth Tapper.

My hands and feet are always in sync, though.

I can barely do the pat the head, rub the tummy thing...


I can always find the beat. I'm a machine. I'm always tapping my fingers---60+ years playing piano and nearly that much on guitar. I can't help it. It just happens. I hear rhythms everywhere. Thankfully, I don't do the teeth thing, tho.


Never met a beat I couldn’t lose, or a groove I couldn’t fall out of.


Guys complain they can't follow what I'm doing, I tell 'em I'm playing in 1/1, and if they could just follow the tempo changes on the score there'd be no problem.

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