Vintage Gretsch Guitars

dig my modified Merle arm


Shortened on the end and in the middle by a total of 3"


I dig it. Been wanting to do that myself for a while.


Well at least for me I should have cut off another inch. So this one w/ the Merle style bracket, along w/ a few other Bigsby arms will be going up for sale.

I need a gold chopped Merle anyway. Cut an inch off the bottom straight part and then 3 off the long part. An auto body shop did it for me.


it was your typical $55 ebay purchase (with bracket) and $10 for the work, so $65, shipped US


You guys can save considerable money by buying 1/4" cold rolled steel rods, bending them to your own taste and having them plated.

Paul Yandell made his own custom rods using welding rod material


I never understood the charm of the Travis handle itself. I made one once by taking some rod and a really good album cover (walkin the strings) and just had one ready in about twenty minutes.

Merle liked that ring because it put his hand in perfect position for the sweet spot when he wanted to exploit that deliciously gnarly tone the P-90's did to that guitar when he played single notes. But the overall lay of the thing is really cumbersome if you like to use your Bigsby a lot.

Merle also liked 'Fancy' and he knew that handle glittering in the lights made his guitar look other-worldly.

I don't think he would approve of the jeans/tee shirt and ball cap country players. In his time the artists would make an effort to look special for the paying public. Ergo, fancy guitars, Nudie suits etc...

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