My Gretsch drums


So playing Bob Howard's gorgeous Gretsch kit at this year's roundup has inspired me to start playing percussion again. But first, my 1950's Gretsch kit needs a little refurb. Here's the story:

I took up the drums and the rest of the percussion instruments starting in 5th grade. After a short while, my Japanese snare drum wouldn't cut it. I needed a proper drum set to play in jazz band, but more importantly, to play like Ringo. So my dad had a friend who had bought a set of drums for his kid years earlier, and the drums were just sitting in the attic. $75.00 later my dad bought me this set from the attic: a 1951 Gretsch drum set in a beautifully yellowed white pearl, with a 24" bass drum and real calfskin bass drum heads. This seemed to work for me for a little while until I saw the new Ludwig Octa Plus sets and the like that my friends were getting in all sparkly colors or stained wood.

So like an idiot high school kid, I stripped the yellowed drum wrap (oh how I miss it) and did the world's crappiest sanding and staining job. I even bought a second Slingerland tom and double tom mount and drilled into the bass drum for the new mount. These drums served me through college as well as a little professional playing I did during and right after college.

At some point, I started to move away from the drums and took up guitar. The drums sat for many years, only getting use when I wanted to add a drum track to a recording. All the while I've been yearning for that yellowed white pearl.

So I'm having them re wrapped either in white pearl or antique white pearl. I may stick with the plain white, because I'm not sure if the antiqued looks properly aged. In a couple of months I should have a new/old set of 1951 Gretsch drums with a couple of minor mods, like a new style Gretsch single tom holder.


Great news, Greg! I enjoyed listening to you play on Sat. Glad to see you back in the saddle.


That barn can inspire all kinds of cool stuff.


Zig, you're a great drummer with a natural feel. Cool deal getting back to playing!


All a good plan - and I can see wanting something like the old finish back. But if they're already stripped...and the wood can bear another sanding...I'd sure be tempted to think about red stain like Bob's.

Garsh them is purty drums.

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