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Teaching left handed drummers

I'm dominate left hand and foot. I've been teaching myself on a righty setup. Today I decided to try left foot bass, right foot hats and I love it. I'm finally grooving!

Which led me to the article above tonight. It's a great read and thought I'd share it here.


My daughter is a left handed drummer and a right handed guitar player. Took us a bit to figure it out.Glad to see you sorted that out soon enough as it can be demoralizing in the learning process.


Ringo is a lefty playing a right handed set. He credits that with his style of playing fills.


My neighbor friend growing up was a left handed drummer who set up left handed. I just assumed everyone knew to do this. I'm glad you sorted it out. Drums will be much more fun and rewarding for you now.


I've always sat behind a right handed kit, which up until this year hadn't been but a handful of times, and I never gave it much thought.

I just wasn't using my right foot/bass drum as much and it was tiring out constantly. I figured I was really going to have to adapt, and I still do, but it feels natural now and almost effortless using the left. I'm still going to jump over to my buddy's right hand setup and practice so that way I'll hopefully blend in with the real world if I want too.

Here are some photos showing my progression from a righty setup to a lefty. I've added some extra drums, another 14" snare and a 12" tom. I'm straddling the 14" floor tom now and feel comfortable doing so. I like having dual 14 snare/ 12 toms too. Still unsure about the ride location but it feels good up over the right tom. The small crash seems at home on the left.

Started out like this

 photo EE7F1363-F9D2-4EFC-A376-98864602C66B_zpscv8ccit6.jpg

Then added some more

 photo F2A739A4-41A3-4BED-98B5-0FC37219AD2D_zpsqwduczsc.jpg

Then switched it over to this

 photo 8BF1789B-2565-4B55-8202-71B84D4C7BEC_zps6zyodz7d.jpg


Have you tried switching the snare and the floor tom so you're straddling the snare instead? Here is an example picture I found online.


Not yet. I'm enjoying riding the floor tom. Also I'm still able to do cross sticking comfortably with the snare on the left. I'll try it thou.


Paul, your a lefty right?


 photo AC682A5E-9DB0-486C-AC7E-AB6893164F63_zpsudsrvzda.jpg I switched the floor tom and snare and moved the ride to the left. I like it.

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