Gretsch Renown ‘57


My '57s made their Hollywood debut last night at the Whiskey a Go Go and they looked and sounded first class amazing. It was the first gig I've played with them where the whole kit was mic'd up and run through the mains. I got so many positive comments on the drums from the soundman all the way to a guy driving by while I was packing them up. Most of my gigs lately have been with cover bands in a small bar with maybe a mic in the bass drum if I'm lucky. Last night was my first full blown rock and roll playing and production with them and they are easily the best sounding and best looking drums I've ever played.

I am still in the afterglow of how great these drums are and I've owned them since June. They are the best thing I have ever owned. They are a practical, working, great sounding piece of art.

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