Gretsch Renown ‘57


Don't blame you Buddy, I'm not a drummer but that is one sweet looking kit.


I'm not a drummer either, and I'd love to own that kit! They are so cool looking! Best of luck with your purchase! Regards, Matt


It is a really sweet looking kit, but I couldn't find what kind of wood it is made from. It seems silly that they wouldn't post it on the main page.


Hard rock maple shells with 30 degree bearing edges. The specs are the same as the Reknown Maple. Toms are 6-ply, snares are 10-ply. Really, really nice drums. Best wishes! Play them loud when you get them. :)


The drums arrived at my apartment yesterday from Tennessee! I was like a kid at Christmas last night unpacking them and tuning them up a little. :D

I can tell I'm going to have a very long affair with these drums. I'll play my first shows with them on Friday and Saturday this week and I'm sure I'll be reporting in here on Monday morning. My band doesn't know that I've gotten them but they were excited when I told them I was interested. I'm almost as excited to see and hear their reactions as I am in playing them.

Hey Baxter, thanks for adding a drum section. You have perfect timing!


Hey Matt, the kit matches your car!


BuddyHollywood, I saw those drums at a recent NAMM show. They are drop dead gorgeous. I don't blame you for wanting them.

I wish you many years of happiness playing them.


Thank you. They have been the first drum set that have made my jaw drop since I was a kid when I saw them at the Annaheim NAMM this last January. The best thing about them is that because they are Gretsch drums I know they will sound even better than they look! I'm extremely excited.


I have my first gig tonight with the new Renown '57s. I put my favorite heads on them, a coated Remo Powerstroke 3 on the bass drum, coated Remo Emperors on the toms and I took the coated Evans batter heads that came stock and switched them to the bottom heads on the toms. The tone is right on the money for me now.

I really feel like a kid again with the anticipation of playing them tonight. Even my beautiful wife has noticed a change... 8-o


Glad you got the kit Buddy, have fun :)


I had a great first weekend with the new drums. Everyone in my band was surpised and as excited as I was when I set them up. I'm pretty certain these Renown 57's are the best sounding drums I've ever played and I've played a lot of drums in my life. They are so perfect for me that it feels like Gretsch custom made them just for me. Thank you God! Thank you Gretsch! Thank you Kim Graham!


Buddy- That is awesome you got the kit! Drop dead gorgeous! Did you get the matching throne as well? Congrats!

Hey Paul- You're right! One of the reasons I like them so much! ;-) Regards, Matt


I saw some of those in person at a GC in Dallas last week. I don't play, but up close they are mighty cool lookin'. Congrats!


Hi Buddy,

Am thinking very hard about getting the Renown 57. I play in a rockabilly band and the 57 Chevy styling has obvious appeal. Just not sure about whether I'll quickly tire of the baby blue colour.

I really like the look of the Ruby Sparkle Fade Renown. I guess both being Renowns they'll sound the same - which I'm assured is great.

I notice they have brought out a Black Onyx version of the Renown 57. I guess more colours are to follow? The Gretsch dealer here in Australia says they're all limited edition. Is that a sales gimmisck or for real?

Glad you're happy with your purchase.


Metman, Yeah, I got the matching stool with it but I've been keeping that at home to play guitar with! :D I have a feeling it would get trashed in my gig bag. I love your car!

John, whether you get the Renown 57's or another Renown or American Classic, get them! I feel this drumset is the best thing that I've ever owned. I look foward to every gig just to get the chance to play them. They sound so good they have made the whole band sound better. When I was talking to the rep she told me they are also coming out with a red and white and a black and white versions of the Renown 57 so if you think you may tire of the baby blue which I don't think you would if you saw them in person there are other options on the horizon.


Hey this is really cool. Great that you got these babies and love them, Buddy. Very cool. Wish you could bring them to the Nashville Roundup...a purely selfish thought.

An undeniabley genuine Gretsch concept in a kit, isn't it? Both novel and fabulous at the same time.


I have 2 of these kits. I have kept one kit Stock and one kit has been used to experiment with heads. Evans EC2 Clear SST really sound good and give the kit a different tone. But the Original Evans G1 still sound good. The best head on the 16" tom has been the original G1. The best head on the snare has been the Original Evans. Between the Tom's there was little difference in tone between the kits, but on the Kick there was a big difference even with the same heads and drum dial settings one is just a lot bigger sounding than the other. The kits are just gorgeous. I asked Gretsch if these kits were limited edition and they commented no, but I was talking to a rep at one the big online retailers and he had the items listed as "discontinued" so... Also on the box the throne came in there was Blue, Black ,and Red. I've seen the blue and black so maybe red is coming. Gretsch also commented that there may be a matching 14" floor tom. I had a Gretsch Catalina Maple Kit and this one sounds sooooo much better. I'd buy this kit again, oh wait I did.


My '57s made their Hollywood debut last night at the Whiskey a Go Go and they looked and sounded first class amazing. It was the first gig I've played with them where the whole kit was mic'd up and run through the mains. I got so many positive comments on the drums from the soundman all the way to a guy driving by while I was packing them up. Most of my gigs lately have been with cover bands in a small bar with maybe a mic in the bass drum if I'm lucky. Last night was my first full blown rock and roll playing and production with them and they are easily the best sounding and best looking drums I've ever played.

I am still in the afterglow of how great these drums are and I've owned them since June. They are the best thing I have ever owned. They are a practical, working, great sounding piece of art.


Hi Elvis, so what was the best combination of heads for the kick drum in your opinion? Thanks!


Someone in my area, Southern Ontario has these for 1500. Not sure if that is worth selling mine (6 pc PDP in cx series) kit to buy them. Anyone have comparisons? I have had my kit for 4 or 5 years and they were the best priced maple kit at the time. This 57 kit really look great and my new band is doing classic rock and R&B so they would add to the vibe.


I finally got a good picture of my Renown 57's at a private party our band played outside this Saturday. My cell phone doesn't take very good pictures in dark bars and clubs.

These drums are the best!!!


My drummer just got that exact set last week and debuted them at our show on Saturday. They look killer and sound great. He has a few nice kits, but this one is my favorite.


They are so cool, I can't quite persuade my wife that they would be the addition to our living room that she's after. Very cool.

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