Finally got a Drumset


A 60's Slingerland, Black oyster pearloid, whatever it's called...it looks cool, and sounds good...just got to learn to play drums now!


Well, you're on a slippery slope now....

Looks like fun!


They said that when I was being born...


Class, Had A Similar Ludwig


But who's going to play the fish?


Funny you should mention the fish player.

Through the miracle(or debacle) of social media, I found my old guitarist band mate from The Love Chunks, and he is in contact with our old fish player, Kurt, who now owns a bar in Philly.

We'll be paying him a visit soon!


Awesome! I had a similar set when I was a kid. I should never have sold it. I didn't realize what I had at the time always wanting the new and shiny when the vintage was better sounding. The 3 plies of old wood with the reinforcement ring construction is key to its great tone.

It appears your bass drum is dampened a little too much though.



Tim the silent drummer used to teach but no more. He had students go on to Berkley several schools. Some went pro on some level. I would suggest him but the commute would kill ya. A-bomb would be closer.


Awesome. I embarked on a similar adventure 8 months ago and can attest that playing drums is not as easy as it looks. I've been using drumeo and youtube as a teaching tool and have learned quite a bit.


Neato! I also have a 60's era Slingerland set (but only 1 tom on top) in Black Pearloid Oyster. I bought it from one of my students about 25 years ago for $100. He needed the cash for his homecoming date. He said his uncle played it in a jazz band during the 60's. It's about in the shape of the price, but functional for band practice; our drummer brings his own snare and bass pedal.


Cool! Get ready for the next round up


Those old Slingerlands are fantastic kits. Congratulations.


the drummer at the open mic I hit on Tuesdays, brings a black set of vintage Slings. yours look beautiful.

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