Drums and weather


How do drums react to the weather? I'm thinking about setting a kit on my enclosed porch but it's not heated or cooled. Wondering how drums deal with humidity and temperature changes. I don't play but I want a kit available so I can learn.



They handle it remarkably well. The hardware may get rusty, though. Extreme conditions are tolerated by the many plys of laminated wood and hardware holding it in place. Many years of living on the road with a u-haul full of drums through all extremes and all I got was some rusty hardware. Whatever damage that is caused is well worth having a drum set ready to go.


What Bob said^ ^ ^

AND...plastic heads aren’t as pliable in cold temperatures so what would be low tuning but under tension at room temperature would just be wrinkled and floppy in the cold.

Above all, make DANG sure the heads are in tune, i.e. tensioned evenly all the way around, or they WILL warp out of round eventually with major fluctuations in temp and humidity.


Awesome! Thank you so much. I'll try to post a picture of where I'm going to set them up.


It comes at a cost, over 200 windows to wash.


My neighbor offered free lessons. He's very good.


I thought that the drums affected the weather........


I thought that the drums affected the weather........

– beatbyrd

Best response ever!


I thought that the drums affected the weather........

– beatbyrd

Then I reckon it will always be a stormy Monday when I play.


If you're cold....they're cold. Bring them inside!

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