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Torres Midrange Kit


Dunno why I ask, don't play drums, but want a drum set :-)


Nope, but GP Percussion makes one for around $250.00 and Trixon makes one (nicer than the GP IMO) for around $350.00. If you want something nicer you can try to find a Yamaha Club Jordon on Ebay (I don't think they make them anymore) and there is a company out of New York (I think) that makes custom high-end ones.


I saw the GP Percussion one. I certainly don't need anything really nice, but I don't want total crap. Any thoughts about GP quality?


Our drummer sorta made his own Gretsch "cocktail" kit from his floor tom and some add-on brackets that attach to the top hoop. I think he replaces his top hoop with some affair he uses. When breaking down after yesterday's job, he was putting the die-cast Gretsch hoop back on to pack it all up in his case. He has a beater for the kick on the bottom head that just sits on the floor under it.

He uses this rig all the time with us (dinner-jazz ensemble).


Lessee --- a shaker, coupla glasses, some swizzle sticks and an icepick --- all with the Gretsch logo? Oh, and a bottle of Bigsbyslur's famous homemade hooch!


Yep. They are mostly marching drums and a couple traditional kits now (none of the cool old designs like the Speedfire).


Trixon still exists?? -- BillyZoom
Not really...someone's using the name, but it has nothing to do with Trixon really.


Jim Laabs (a pretty big retailer here in WI) was a business partner of one of the original guys. They are pretty much Trixon in name only as Walter said.


Gretsch made them at one point.

Here is a probably a 56 ish kit (the Gladstone leg mounts being helpful to identify) on ebay. Probably the second set I've ever seen with the tom although it's missing other struff.

It's also helpful to show how they worked. A baffle in the middle to try to separate the bass sound from the snare. Also the snares never really sounded so great because they were those whisk broom things.

The best designed one out there today is the DW one. It has the deep tom and the bass actually stacked but with open space between them. It's also frighteningly expensive.


That's why Slim Jim played a regular (smaller) floor bass drum with a real snare, I believe I have read somewheres.

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