Big bucks for Gretsch kits at Auction


Can anyone in the know about Gretsch drum kits fill me in on why these two kits just sold at auction for $13,000 and $14,000 apiece?

This one was $13,000.


...and this one went for $14,000.

I assume these kits are 1940s or 50s kits...? And the equivalent of a mint 55 to 59 6120...?


I would like to know, too! Prices of '50s Gretsch kits do seem to be on the rise, sharply. Maybe I should hang on to my '57 kit for a few more years.

Do you have a link to the auction site, Greg?


Here y' go Josh...


There were 11 lots for Gretsch kits and partial kits.


If they have an 18" bass drum that will go some way in explaining the price. 18" round badge kits are very rare and people pay a premium for them.


Both of these kits were round badge kits with 18" bass drums. I guess that answers my question Knavel...thanks!

I'm laughing at my own naivety now...I toyed with the idea of bidding on the kits because the estimated selling price on both of these was $300 to $600. Thought I might get a cool 50s kit for $500....silly me! I guess the auction house got a surprise too...and a nice fat buyers premium check!


I think some of the jazz guys actually use them live.

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