Bass Drum and Tom Done!


Photos of the rest as I finish them.


What all needed refurb? That one looks wonderful.

– Twangmeisternyc

Ha. These 1950's vintage Gretsch drums were bought for my by my dad somewhere around 1976. They came with calfskin bass drum heads and yellowed marine pearl. Like an absolute a$$h0le, I stripped off the yellowed marine pearl, sanded and stained the drums during my senior year of high school. I did further damage by having a guy at a "drum center" drill through the top of the bass drum and put a Slingerland double tom mount, to which I stripped/stained a Slingerland tom and added it to the set. I replaced the wooden bass drum hoops with chrome steel and lost the wooden ones somewhere along the way.

I'm glad I don't have photos of the stained drums. I did a crappy job as a high schooler. So the hole in the bass drum shell was patched and I had Precision re-wrap the drums in vintage marine pearl and make me some new hoops. I am still polishing some Gretsch badges and replacing some lost hardware and parts like the snare drum strainer that are inoperable. I would have done the re-wrap myself, but I have too many other projects going and Joyce paid for the re-wrap as my Christmas present a couple of years ago. I do have to source one reproduction round badge, but the other three are original.

That's the story.


These look amazing, they’ve done a great job!


Wow! Those DO go way back. 3-ply with glue rings and pressed hoops. I bet they sound lovely.


Those look fabulous, and I bet they sound great too.


Hey Zigracer, your drums look awesome, they are sight to behold! I'm glad you got them back to (close to) original. You've honored your father big time, and I'm sure you think of him every time you play them.


Wow, nicely done! Nothing on a Gretsch kit says, “from way back” more than the stick chopper hoops and rerings on that rack tom.

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