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white falcon in factory silver finish..is that usual??i have


pics as promised,,,a one off..original..UN identified..white falcon.... had this baby looooooong time tucked away.not sure of origins..and why is it silver?why does it say special on the label??? t came from the factory this way.i..havent had from the case for years..lol any this or info.. thanks[IMG]http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e163/voodoovendor/GUITARS/180120112682.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e163/voodoovendor/GUITARS/180120112681.jpg[/IMG] Photobucket


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7594 is the model number.

"Special" must be because it's not a normal falcon.

It's got a B11 bigsby and not a normal b6 or V cut which I think is weird? The knobs look like late sixties? I'm not sure, I'm sure someone will have more info.


thanks for the tip...not sure what that means but ill ask someone who knows stuff about computers..


Hey is that a GA50 holding that guitar up? I'd be really curious to know what you think of it - I have a line on one but haven't had an opportunity to try one out.


The control knobs on my old mid-70s Country Club were exactly like that. I believe they were aluminium, but Baldwin somehow managed to get them to feel like plastic! I don't think the colour of the pickguard sits too well with the colour of the guitar — just my 2p-worth. In fact, while the guitar seems in good nick, the pickguard looks brand new (but I'm sure it isn't!).


Small F holes, weird headstock.


Oh, I was thinking silver finish. Looks like an old white finish with non gold hardware. Not too unusual, pickguard looks odd, possible replacement. Someone painted the pickup rings white. Maybe jack plate added on side too?


strange..i guess it was a one off from the factory...it was put together without the gold ls as a special order!i brought it and changed nothing on it...i wonder if another exists?..gretsch were very accomadating werent they!


Is that pickguard just screwed to the top?


Webby yes Baldwin's guards where mounted like that. I agree it looks like the metal rings where painted white and chrome hardware was installed instead of Gold. I'd play it! It needs to be cleaned and played.


Yup I'd play it as well! Looks cool as heck..


What's the story on that black guitar in the background? Looks like it has Baldwin-era filtertrons too.


Also is that your pet house-steer's horn we see sticking into the picture at the lower left?


Why has the headstock faded and the body still white? Shouldn't it be the opposite?


good question beatles6120..headstock wasnt faded when i put it away ..mmm?


My opinion, it looks like someone added headstock wings, painted it and added Gibson knob configuration.

Why is there white paint inside the cavity, not overspray completely sprayed?


Curt wrote: added Gibson knob configuration.
That's how later Baldwin guitars were stock Curt.


Really, did they paint the inside of the guitar too? I confess I'm not up on my Baldwin knowledge, thanks!


I was talking about the knob configuration, quoted that part of your reply too. I'll totally agree this is an odd guitar though.

Paul, btw, those don't look like painted metal Baldwin rings to me - if they are, where's the height adjustment screw for the pickups?


Walter Broes wrote:

I was talking about the knob configuration, quoted that part of your reply too. I'll totally agree this is an odd guitar though.

Yep thanks, my reply could've seemed short which I fixed after I read it.


I know very little about Baldwin era Gretsch - When did they drop the use of drum material on the binding?

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