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What else was in the Gretsch building?



My wife bought me a copy of your book for Christmas. I love it! You really inject a lot of your personality into the book, and hearing your recollections of your friends gives me a real feel of what 60 Broadway was like. I'll definitely be doing a walking tour in the springtime of the area.

You mention in the book that Gretsch only took up a few floors of the building. What else was there? Also, did Fred Gretsch own the building, or was it named because they were the principal tennant?


Not Dan but if you go to the history section then walking tour Fred Gretsch talks about what else is in the building.


Thanks Curt! I'll check it out.


Kurt is right , Check out the walk, I watched some of them and I never heard mention of the Foreman, Me,Hagner and the rest of the people that made it possible for him to take the WALK. If I'm wrong and he did mention us let me know. Dan Duffy


Hi Dan, Happy New Year and a belated Merry Christmas. Sure would like to see a part two to your book!


Hey Dan, I was there and heard your name mentioned.


Just wanted to bring this thread back up to say that I really enjoyed the video of the walking tour. I had been to this site many times, and never noticed that those videos were here. Coincidentally, I had just recently used "street view" on Google maps to see what 60 Broadway looks like today, so it was great to have my curiosity satisfied on a much deeper level.

The tour would have been interesting enough by itself, but when the guy (Adam?) who lives in the building came along and showed off his vintage Jets and 6120, that added another layer of interest!

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